Apple iOS 13 Launch date Confirmed: 5 Security Features of iPhone Coming This Month


Apple iOS 13 Launch date Confirmed: 5 Security Features of iPhone Coming This Month
Apple has surely been through some harsh moments. It definitely needs a kick-start boost after the Siri scandal of violation of the privacy of users.

After dealing with the security issues of Siri, the big event of the year, ‘one more thing’ is about to arrive in about a week on September 10th.

Rumors have it that we are going to get the new iOS 13 in the following days of September 10th. The new features of the new devices are developed while maintaining the user’s privacy. Here are five security features that will be offered by iOS 13.


The first security feature is that the running of applications in the background will be stopped.

The iOS 13 will take care of user’s privacy which overtook Apple from WhatsApp and Facebook. The apps won’t run in the background and collect your information when they are not in extensive use. It will help you escape location tracking by apps
Apple is going to protect its users properly. It will alert you what app tracks your location in the background. This awareness will lead to users not revealing their locations when they do not want to.
Location detail allowed only once
Yes, you heard that right! Whenever an app asks you for location and you permit it to access your location, iOS 13 will let the application access location only for that instance, only one time. No Bluetooth or Wi-Fi tracking
Apart from location tracking, apps can track you through your Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. But now with iOS 13, you need not worry about Bluetooth or Wi-Fi tracking. iOS 13 has dealt with it and your location is safer than ever.
The Apple sign in
The users who would sign up with Apple will be given extra privacy and protection. Apple will let you use a private email generated by Apple itself.

The above five security measures will make your smart device smarter than ever and you will be safe and secure with it than you’re with any other device.


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