Apple maps app to compete with Google Maps after Updation


Apple is angling to tangle to Google when it arrives at maps — thanks in part to aa caravan of planes and cars it has assigned to snap pictures of the northeast.

The Apple Maps application — whose wrong directions and spotted information has been the butt of tricks since its blastoff seven years ago

on Monday came out the biggest update yet to its map of New York City and nearby regions, boosting information on buildings, roads, parks, and carcasses of water.

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Users glancing at Central Park, for example, can now glimpse individual baseball diamonds and extra detailed footpaths.

Buildings also are more adequately rendered in 3D using flight tech to better depict heights.

Apple maps app to compete with Google Maps after Updation
Apple maps app to compete with Google Maps after Updation


The upgraded iOS application also offers a “Google Street View” copycat named “Look Around,” which enables users to nearly drive down the city’s streets glancing at the 360-degree image that was caught by a fleet of cars readied with cameras.

The application now features indoor maps for malls and airports, enabling it to give highly comprehensive directions.

Previously, Apple depended on third-party quotations for its map data, and thus when Apple Maps launched in 2013, the product was riddled with geographical mistakes, misidentified cities, and towns, and sometimes failed to discover addresses.

The embarrassment directed to the ouster of iOS head Scott Forstall, who had formerly been a favorite of the late Steve Jobs, a disappointment that has lingered in the minds of individuals despite significant modification to the app in recent times.

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If Apple Maps also can contend with Google Maps on driving, biking, and public transportation directions, it might begin to pick up new users.

The bar for Apple Maps is not incredibly high — it just does not suck as said by the tech analyst Shelly Palmer who told The Post that he did not know anybody that utilizes Apple Maps on their iOS device.

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