Apple offers free repairs for issue with iPhone 6 and 6s


Many iPhone 6s and 6s Plus devices may unexpectedly refuse to power on due to component loss, and Apple has inaugurated a repair program to repair them for free.

While the tech giant did not say what parts are inclined to failure, it said the problem only affects devices generated between October 2018 and August 2019.

That is after Apple terminated the model in the US following the statement of the iPhone XS and XR, but as Bloomberg reported, the company proceeded to sell the 6s models in preferred markets like India.

Apple offers free repairs for issue with iPhone 6 and 6s
Apple offers free repairs for an issue with iPhone 6 and 6s

Apple has admitted there is a component that can go terrible in some iPhone 6S and 6S Plus handsets that can protect them from turning on — and it is now offering to renovate that mystery component free of charge with a modern repair program.

If your iPhone 6s is somewhat new and simply declined to switch on one day, you can test its serial number on the program’s official paper and see if it is eligible for unrestricted repair.

Take note that the firm says it may restrict or curb repair to the actual country or region of purchase, so you may be out of coincidence if you bought your gadget overseas.

If your phone is capable of free repair, though, and you already reimbursed to have it fixed, you can call Apple for a refund.

The program will wrap all affected phones for two years after investment, so the program will likely be accessible until 2021.

The company’s support page does not offer any elements about which element caused the issue, but you can join your phone’s serial number there to see if it is capable.

Affected gadgets are only those generated at the end of the phone’s life, though — ones generated between October 2018 and August 2019, when both the phones were terminated.


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