Apple Premieres Apple Watch Connected with Various Gyms

Simon pegg accepts the role in Mission impossible 7
Simon pegg accepts the role in Mission impossible 7

With an effort to get further into the fitness tech industry, Apple has launched the Watch Connected program with gyms to offer incentives motivating people to work out more. The idea is to get new users and encourage people to utilize the app. Apple’s goal is surely not to make money on this program, but to win over consumers and get them to choose Apple over their competitors according to the site MoneyPug, which is used to find the best mobile phone deals. Using the program can provide the inspiration needed to get in shape while receiving incentives from the gyms where you are a member. 

Apple Watch Connected

Offering incentives to gyms that are committed to tracking workouts with the Apple Watch, it also supports Apple Pay and offers iPhone and Apple Watch apps. It can also support GymKit when needed. They are launching the program with various gyms including the YMCA, Orangetheory Fitness, Basecamp, and Crunch Fitness. This program is a sign that Apple is moving towards health and fitness services on their products In addition, they are pursuing wearable technologies as they become an increasingly important part of the business. The program enables the participating gyms to offer incentives to their members, like putting money towards membership costs to those who track workouts with their Apple Watch. 

How it Works

Gyms will commit to offering an iOS and Apple Watch app that launches a rewards program called Earn with Watch. Not only does the program support Apple Pay in their facilities, it implements the GymKit platform on exercise machines. Apple Watch users will receive bonuses for meeting fitness goals. While the program varies depending on the facility, you don’t have to work out at the gym to gain rewards. You can work out anywhere. The point is not necessarily to get you in the gym for every workout, it is to get you working out in general. Then you will be able to gain rewards from the gyms that you are already a member of. 

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What Gyms are Offering

The gyms that are working with Apple all offer different things. The YMCA enables its members to earn donations to fund community programs. Next, Crunch gives members the incentive to money towards your monthly membership. Orangetheory has launched a new membership tier that will provide gift cards to Nike, Apple, and other brands when you meet your workout goals. Basecamp, the boutique fitness studio, is rolling out a new kind of membership that allows memberships by attending three classes per week for a year. 

Rules of the Program

Any form of exercise, whether it’s at the gym or at home, will provide incentives and rewards for meeting goals. While each gym will only launch the program at specific locations, they will roll out the program at the rest of their gyms later on. For example, Orangetheory has premiered Apple Watch Connected at two New York City locations. To put it simply, any member of the program can get their rewards at participating gyms if they reach their fitness goals. 

Apple & the Fitness Sector

The program is indicative of Apple’s move into the fitness industry. They have emerged as one of the key players in using tech to promote health and fitness. Apple held the position in terms of the market share for the third quarter of 2019. The company’s strategy to gradually become one of the most important health wearable manufacturers. It will not likely not have a major impact on their sales, it is another motivator for people to switch from Samsung and other competitors. 

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Everyone from people who are really into fitness to those who simply need to lose weight can get motivated using the Apple Watch Connected program. It can provide you rewards for exercising more. If you are a member of more than one gym, you will get more incentives if you are near the locations that are offering things for those who reach their goals. 

So what are you waiting for? Get involved in the program to not only use weight and gain muscle but to gain extra offers from the gyms that you are a member of. Don’t wait, get started today.


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