APPLE ‘s new gadgets : Apple iPhone 11, 11 Pro, Apple Watch Series 5, New iPad , people’s reaction and respone


Apple on Tuesday disclosed new inexpensive watches and iPhones and refreshed the entry-level iPad. But it also declared openly the pricing and release duration for new subscription services, comprising its long-awaited Netflix rival Apple TV+ – modern ways for Apple to keep clasping more money from customers.

If there was one single takeaway from Apple’s huge iPhone event on Tuesday, it is that Apple really wants you to own its commodities, no matter what you have got in your bank account.

The recent lineup of iPhones includes more cameras for nicer photo quality, enhanced battery life, and an alluring price tag. The iPhone 11, which gives birth to two cameras, starts at $699 (Rs. 64,900 in India)

APPLE 's new gadgets : Apple iPhone 11, 11 Pro, Apple Watch Series 5, New iPad , people's reaction and respone

slightly less than the $1,000 at which Apple has priced its major new phone the past years, and potentially priced to pursue consumers on the railing about purchasing the newest Apple offering. That $1,000 rate point now relates to the iPhone 11 Pro, which possesses three cameras.

The big issue for customers is if the new features or price points could make yet one more upgrade worth it, or if they want to hold on to a prevailing device for another year or two – an increasingly outstanding option. Customers now own their phones for a standard three years, diluting sales across the industry.

With hindering iPhone sales, Apple has been whirling to its thriving selection of services to enable bring in additional revenue. On Tuesday, the firm declared openly the pricing for two of its foreign subscription products inaugurating this year: Apple Arcade and Apple TV+ (both Rs. 99 a month in India). If you move all-in on every Apple offering, you could spend the company $479.40 a year.

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