APPLE UPDATE: 2020 iPhones Might be Similar To iPhone 4 Design


Apple’s 2020 iPhones could star a metal frame design identical to the one that was utilized for the iPhone 4 back in 2010, Ming-Chi Kuo has foreseen. MacRumors was first to announce on Kuo’s latest research note, which announces that the phones’ metal frame surface will be shifted to a similar design to the iPhone 4, restoring the current surface design.

Kuo, who has aa reasonable track record of foreseeing Apple’s declaration long before the firm makes them authorized, previously suggested that next year’s iPhones will possess an all-new design.

However, he did not offer numerous details on exactly what this modern design would be. Apple’s new phone form factor has continued broadly consistent since the iPhone X was broadcasted in 2017.

As compared to previous iPhones, the iPhone 4 had an extra square-edged design. Apple has newly returned to this design on at least one of its commodities, the 2018 iPad Pro, which eschewed the curved edges seen on a maximum of Apple’s other tablets.

However, Kuo’s note comments that the phone will still utilize glass with aa small curve in it on the phone’s front and rear, which is nonexistent from the iPad Pro.

However, the iPhone 4’s form factor famously fell prey to the antennagate disagreement, which saw people miss cell reception if they clasped the gadget incorrectly, compelling Apple to give out unrestricted cases to decipher the problem.

MacRumors does not explicitly mention if Kuo’s note addresses the old disagreement, but he announces that the metal frame will be designed to undervalue any impact the metal could fall on the phone’s high-frequency transmission.

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Apple has also successfully incorporated antennas into the sides of several of its more recent phones, indicating its antennagate days are way behind it.

Kuo also repeated that next year’s iPhones should benefit 5G. Earlier this year, Kuo foresaw that all three 2020 iPhone models will benefit 5G.


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