Apple’s airpod rivals give consumers an earful: Here’s why

Apple's airpod rivals give consumers an earful: Here's why
Apple's airpod rivals give consumers an earful: Here's why

Some individuals would rather put a broken Q-tip in their own ear, while others would like a bulky earplug or a mint candy the quantity of a coin.

That is essentially the choice consumers possess as tech companies — comprising Microsoft, Amazon, and Samsung — inaugurate a wave of new, frequently oddly-shaped, adversaries to the AirPods, Apple’s famous in-ear wireless headphones that begin at $159.

Silicon Valley has for a long time been on the cutting horizon of aesthetics, with various game-changing plans over the years (like the Apple commodities released under Steve Jobs’ time) as well as some outstanding misses (Google Glass).

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And while Apple has attained in turning its white, dangly AirPods into a significant symbol, truly wireless earbuds are increasing popularity in spite of, not mainly because of, their design.

Apple's airpod rivals give consumers an earful: Here's why
Apple’s airport rivals give consumers an earful: Here’s why

To the credit of those firms, product design experts say it is difficult to create a set of wireless, Bluetooth-enabled gadgets that sit comfortably but unobtrusively into the ear, give high-quality sound and still catch the user’s voice.

For one aspect, the human body deters with Bluetooth signals, so transmitting data to both earbuds in a synchronized fashion is confusing.

The modern devices to enter the clash are the Microsoft Surface Earbuds, which the firm unveiled earlier this month.

The earbuds possess both touch and voice controls and are priced at $249. The most noticeable part of each bud is a flat white disc that gauges slightly less than an inch in diameter, about the amount of a quarter.

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In September, Amazon declared its $129.99 Echo Buds, which are of the color black, seem round earplugs and are also about the aspects of a quarter.


Visually, they are identical to Samsung’s equally-rated Galaxy Buds. The Galaxy Buds are accessible in black, white and yellow and launched in February.

None of the gadgets has escaped the bitterness of social media.


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