Top Essential Apps for Protecting Your Privacy Online

Protect Your Privacy Online

Do you want to know how to protect your privacy online? The latest iOS 14 by Apple protects your privacy online and notifies you when an application uses your camera or microphone. Conspiracy theorists have debated this issue for long and many people believe that the smartphone apps are spying on us 24/7. Let’s not get into whether the threat is real or not, we have to be on a safer side. Hackers, spammers, and identity thieves are searching for new avenues to evade your privacy online. Therefore, safeguarding your online privacy is equally important. 

Many internet providers take this issue quite seriously. For example, if you get TWC internet, you get a security suite free of cost to ensure safe browsing. Nevertheless, there are many applications you can install to ensure privacy. 

Here are some essential apps to protect your privacy online: 

Kaspersky Antivirus 

A common misconception that people have regarding antivirus software is that it slows down your system. However, there is no truth in that. Antivirus program keeps the malware, virus, Trojan horses, and spams away, acting as the first line of defense.

Kaspersky is one of the most trusted antivirus applications in the market probably because they have been in the business for quite a while now. The application keeps running in the background. It constantly scans for malware or any other threat to your device’s integrity. Moreover, it helps you locate your device and you can put a passcode on certain applications that are important so that you may prevent people from accessing them. Most importantly, the application has a kill switch. You can wipe all your data if your phone gets compromised. 

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Telegram Messenger 

Telegram was in the spotlight when the platform confirmed that they faced a state-appointed hacking attempt. The platform was attacked using DDoS or Distributed Denial of Service. This tells you a lot about the messenger. When you are doing something right, you get attacks of this magnitude. 

Nevertheless, Telegram supports end-to-end encryption. This is a universal standard for privacy. You can find it in WhatsApp too but its parent company, Facebook has a terrible reputation when it comes to keeping our data secure. You get the same functionality as all the other popular messaging apps. The encryption is uncrackable and after all your privacy is guaranteed. 


Google is an amazing platform and without it, the world of the internet cannot survive. However, when it comes to data, it ingests a great amount of individual data. This is the reason why we see those annoying adverts during browsing or every time we are looking for a particular thing. Let’s be honest. Most of Google’s policies can be downright invasive and all of us still sign up without understanding what these entail. As a result, we give it the ability to monitor our digital footprints. 

I know this is a radical approach but DuckDuckGo is an alternative search engine that ensures no data is stored. You can block all the unwanted adverts using the privacy protection feature. Moreover, it forces all the websites to use an encrypted connection. 

Virtual Private Network 

If you are concerned about how to protect your privacy online, get a Virtual Private Network. There are many free options available and now is a good time to install one on your phone. A VPN works on simple principles. It encrypts all the traffic coming to your device and back. Then it routes all the traffic to an intermediate server that is located outside your location. As a result, your digital footprint is hidden and you’re safe from surveillance agencies, spammers, and hackers. 

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Secondly, you can access all the restricted but legal content in your area. However, the encryption aspect appeals to customers that are conscious when it comes to privacy. There are many great VPNs available that use military-grade encryption without compromising on the network’s speed. There is a strict no-log policy. You should get a paid service. There are additional perks that you may use to ensure the safety of your network. 


There are tons of social media platforms and using a different password for each of them isn’t very convenient. Therefore, we all tend to use one password for all the websites and applications we access every day. This might be easier for us but we are always under the threat of a cataclysmic event. LastPass is the answer to all your woes. You can save all your passwords, login information, social security numbers, credit card information, and driver’s license information in the application. The application itself is very secure. It has a two-step login and the application’s data is heavily encrypted so that no one can access the data. 

Final Verdict 

There are many other applications available as well but you can use these basic ones to

protect your online privacy.


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