Are Forex Signal Trading Companies a Scam?

Forex Trading

The complex world of foreign currency exchange can be perilous for those who have little or no prior knowledge about how forex automated trading systems work. This is because many forex-related products like forex signals do not provide what they promise. This happens mainly because

  1. The concept behind a particular automated tool is great but the developing team fails to implement it in reality and resulting in a mediocre quality product.


2. Maybe the developing company is a full-scale scam whose sole purpose is to attract newbie forex traders and have them use their product in hopes of 10-100% profits but in reality, steal all of the investments and vanish according to some reliable forex signals reviews.

 Once you have got scammed out of your hard-earned money, there is not much that you can do at that point. Traders need to stay alert and make every decision with extreme care.  

How To Identify?

Those who utilize seller signals to trade forex every day know that it is the best piece of tool that makes near-perfect predictions for upcoming market conditions and thus enhances most traders’ skills. There are various websites, companies, and even independent programmers/developers who offer forex trading signal tools online. Forex trading signals employ a wide range of technical and useful indicators to advise forex traders which way any particular trade would go. In some cases, it could make pretty accurate forecasts but as volatility kicks in the forex market, even FX signals might take a while to properly read the market conditions before coming up with any conclusion. 

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Below are some easy ways to identify fake trading signals.  

  • First, you need to familiarize yourself with the basics to figure what might be a scam. The increased spread of misinformation through many online forex signals reviews causes a lot of people to mistakenly choose a fake FX signal and lose a considerable amount of investment.
  • A major part of the demographic falls prey to the usual “best” forex signal scam where people are assured through tons of false reviews that ultimately lead unsuspecting traders to an insecure product’s website dubbed as the top choice by some unnamed experts. You can avoid this by staying alert and cross-checking every claim written on some sites.
  • Faking backtesting results is a practice most often utilized in terms of forex signals to mislead millions of users every day. A vulnerable trader would get caught up in the chain of lies through forged backtesting results. But those who have a bit of experience in the forex world know that the absence of backtesting results or suspicious figures means the tool is most probably a scam.
  • Are the myfxbook data on a forex signal hidden or kept private? Then that company could be untrustworthy and pretending to be a go-to forex signal for all beginner-level forex traders. But most people who have spent a long-time researching forex signals, robots, and other tools already know that myfxbook account adds credibility to a company. When a company is working legally, they will always have several ways to prove it on forex signals review sites for the community.

Are All Forex Signal Trading Companies The Same?

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In short “No.” Forex traders are advised to practice caution to figure out the difference between the two. Following are some identifications that one would only find in a reliable forex signal trading company:

  • If the said company can share its equity curve then it is probably a legitimate company, not a scam. Through the equity curve, one could figure out the drawdown, the time since that trading signal has been functioning, and also the Return on Investment (ROI).
  • Keep an eye on the strategies that certain forex signals claim to work with to bring unimaginable results. Some are created on the trading terminals of either MetaTrader4 or MetaTrader5. But this way of trading can be risky and should be avoided under the suspicions of scams.
  • Vital information like stop loss, and leverage would also guide you to a properly functioning forex signal trading company. Always make sure that whichever tool you utilize does not have anything to hide.

Using forex signals reviews to guide your judgment and thus avoiding scams when searching for a functioning forex signal can be advantageous to all forex traders.


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