Are Magnetic Car Mounts Bad For Your Phone?


There’s been a long argument about magnetism and a wireless car charger. Does it affect devices such as phones? We’re going to settle the argument once and for all in this article.

If you fall into the category of people who are always nervous when their phones get into contact with magnetic materials, then this piece is for you. At some point, you’ve probably been compelled to confiscate all of the magnets lying around your house, for fear of your child bringing them close to your phone.

Yet, there have been numerous myths around magnets and phones, and knowing what’s true or not has been a challenge. Do magnets pose a threat to mobile phones? If they do, should you use a wireless car charger that utilizes magnetism? Will it destroy your phone? All of these questions are valid and important. Therefore, we have to answer them going forward, especially since a wireless car charger has become a household name.

Background Information on a Magnetic Wireless Car Charger

A wireless car charger with magnetic build has neodymium magnets. They are easy and convenient to use due to the placement method. They hold your phone firmly against movement, even when you go through bumpy routes.

Since the widespread popularity of these gadgets, many pundits have asked about their safety and damage levels to phones. Contrary to popular belief about the wireless car charger, most of them, if not all, will not cause damage to your phone. Even the magnetic ones are safe to use.

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People have had several concerns, and formulated different myths in a bid to discourage the use of magnetic mounts. While some were out of ignorance, others may have been outright smear campaigns against the wireless car charger variants. Here are some of the myths about a magnetic wireless car charger, and how we have debunked them:

Battery Damage from a Wireless Car Charger

Smartphones utilize Lithium-ion batteries. Even from the name, you can already understand as a lay man that these batteries have a chemical in them. Therefore, they charge as a result of a chemical reaction.

Magnetic mounts charge phones well, even with this chemical reaction in play. While some users have reported lower battery percentages due to the use of a magnetic wireless car charger, there’s a pretty good explanation.

While you’re charging your phone, using navigation tools such as Google Maps can cause a serious discharge of battery power. You might not notice it at first, but the fact is that GPS consumes a lot of battery power.

If you’re still in doubt, and want to prove this theory, charge your phone one time without using the navigation apps, then another time while using them. You’ll notice that the latter doesn’t reduce your battery percentage a lot.

Memory Damage from a Magnetic Wireless Car Charger

This is another big myth that we need to throw out the window immediately. Using a magnetic wireless car charger doesn’t affect your phone’s memory in any way. You won’t lose data by using magnetic mounts. You might lose data by installing malicious software, but there’s no person who has lost any data by using a wireless car charger.

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All of your contacts, images, documents, and emails, therefore, are safe around a wireless car charger, or any magnet.

Display Distortion from a Magnetic Wireless Car Charger

Distortion of your phone’s display can occur from a lot of things but using a magnetic wireless car charger. Unless you have a software problem, or you’re moving through rough terrain, don’t blame your wireless car charger for anything when the display gets distorted.

Older electronic devices, including mobile phones, were more susceptible to magnetic interference than modern ones. When they used to come into contact with any magnetic field, they would experience disruptions on the screen.

However, this is a sharp contrast from the current devices that don’t experience such interruptions. Devices that came immediately after the conventional ones, which didn’t work well with magnetism, proved a bit better in dealing with magnetic fields.

Fast forward to contemporary mobile phones made today, they don’t get interruptions from magnetic fields at all. Through the use of OLED, LCD, AMOLED, and IPS screens on modern phones, they can withstand the effects brought about by a magnetic field. In addition, the current devices that we use no longer rely on magnetic fields to work effectively. Therefore, magnets don’t affect the way they work.

Possible Problems When Using a Magnetic Wireless Car Charger

Even though your screen, battery, or memory isn’t affected by magnetic fields, your phone’s compass may slightly encounter interruptions. A strong magnet can interfere with your compass reading, and can in turn affect the performance of navigation apps such as Google Maps.

To prevent this, have your phone’s edge away from the mount if you can. As this is the point that holds the compass.

Final Thoughts

There’s little to no chance of a magnetic wireless car charger affecting your phone. For a small percentage chance, take precautions to prevent it.



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