Are used cars considered under the lemon law?


Dealing with issues in a brand new car can be the most frustrating thing for any consumer. Everyone expects their brand new car to perform without any flaws. But if you are facing an issue with a brand new car and the issue persists even after multiple visits to the repair shop, then you are stuck with a lemon. 

Lemon law is a remedy for all consumers tricked into buying a lemon. According to the law, all the dealers must give a written warranty to the consumers. According to this warranty, the dealer must repair any issue in the car without charging even a single penny. 

Well, many things must be considered before filing a lemon law lawsuit, but the most asked question related to this lawsuit is whether used cars are covered under the lemon law or not. Let’s find out through this blog post. 

The working of lemon law 

If you are planning on hiring, you must be familiar with a couple of things before approaching any kind of lawyer. 

The one thing that everybody needs to know about the lemon law is that it protects every new car buyer in every state in the nation, and the lemon law has been the first layer of protection for a long time. 

Now, when it comes to brand new cars, the percentage of lemon law cases is far less than used cars. Only 1% of the new cars sold turn out to be a lemon, but the same can’t be said for used cars. 

In the case of used cars

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Because of the increasing number of lemons in many states, especially in the case of used cars, many states have passed new laws. But still, there are only six states where the used car lemon law is a thing in the law lexicon: New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Minnesota, and New Mexico. 

Based on the mileage covered by the vehicle or the lifespan of the vehicle, the law for used cars lemon cases offers a used-car warranty. If the vehicle exhibits issues during the warranty period, the dealer will get a chance to repair the car. But if those repair visits don’t solve the problem, the dealer should either return the buyer’s money or give them a new car. 

All this might sound a bit complicated to many people, especially if you have never even heard about the lemon law. This is where searching for used car lemon law lawyers can help you, as these lawyers have the required expertise and experience to deal with such cases. 

Other states

Apart from the states mentioned above, seven other states have a few altered rights for consumers stuck with used car lemons. These states are Pennsylvania, Arizona, Connecticut, New Mexico, Illinois, Maine, and Nevada. In these states, you need used-car warranties, or there should be a minimum standard for selling used cars. 

In 2013, all those consumers who used to buy second-hand cars from places like pay-here or buy-here dealerships in California got an extra measure of used-car lemon protection. But according to the new California law, all such dealers must issue 30-day/1,000 miles for all the used vehicles they sell or lease. 

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Expert’s verdict

According to experts like used car lemon law lawyers, even with the used car lemon law in place, there are many states where the protection provided by the lemon law for used cars isn’t that effective since such cases can be swindled in many ways. 

The current user-car lemon law case is so narrowed down that during the number of days or the mileage covered by the car allowed by the lemon law, the consumer might not face any issue or get enough time to act on it. You can take the example of Arizona, where used cars are covered only if they exhibit a major breakdown within 15 days of their purchase. 

Most people aren’t even aware that their used car is covered under the lemon law. Many states have provided protection for used car lemons, and if you belong to these states, you must use your rights and file a lemon law lawsuit by hiring used car lemon law lawyers. 



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