Are You a Demisexual Sugar Baby: 3 Sure Signs That You Are

Are You a Demisexual Sugar Baby 3 Sure Signs That You Are

If you’re the type of sugar baby who stays in the know as to the latest terms people use to describe their sexual orientation, you might have already heard the word “demisexual” thrown around a time or two. You may even have a good idea of what demisexuality is or even wonder if you might be demisexual yourself.

Here’s a closer look at what it really means to be demisexual. We’ll also cover some sure signs that you’re potentially demisexual. We’ll touch on a few suggestions as to how a demisexual sugar baby can lead a better, more satisfying love life and have better relationships, as well.

What Is Demisexuality?

Although most people consider intelligence an essential factor when it comes to being attracted to someone else, demisexuality takes that idea one step further. A person who is demisexual finds it difficult to impossible to feel sexually or romantically attracted to someone until they have connected to them on a deeper emotional and intellectual level.

This isn’t to say that emotional connection is all a demisexual sugar baby cares about when evaluating a sugardaddy’s potential. She can (and probably does) care deeply about looks, financial stability, shared interests, and other factors. But that emotional connection still needs to be there before she even starts thinking of someone as attractive in the first place.

How Can You Know If You’re Demisexual?

If you’re reading this right now, you probably already have some pretty good reasons for suspecting you or someone you know is demisexual. But here are some big signs that that’s indeed the case.

  • You’re not attracted to people you’ve just met

Take a moment to consider not just who you’ve been most attracted to but when you usually first notice that attraction. Demisexuals aren’t attracted to anyone they’ve just met, regardless of how good-looking or charming they might be. 

They don’t typically notice strangers on the street and catch themselves thinking random people of their gender or choice are attractive, either. So if that sounds like you across the board, you could be demisexual.

  • You’re not interested in casual sex

While there’s definitely nothing wrong with casual sex and one-night stands, those things don’t hold the same appeal for a demisexual sugar baby. She’s not only looking for a deeper, more meaningful connection but needs it to want to date or go to bed with someone at all.

So how do you feel about casual sex? Are you into it at least occasionally, or have you always found even the idea of it off-putting? If it’s the latter, you might well be demisexual.

  • You date people based on the potential for attraction

For most people, the initial romantic or sexual attraction they feel for someone within the early stages of dating is a crucial part of their decision to continue seeing the person or not. But demisexuals don’t usually feel that so quickly. 

Most need more time to really connect with a sugardaddy intellectually and emotionally, so they’re more likely to start relationships with certain individuals because they look good on paper. It’s less that they feel attracted to the person and more that they see the potential for attraction to develop later.

How to Have a Fulfilling Love Life as a Demisexual

Whether you think you’re a demisexual or suspect a caring sugardaddy you’re interested in might be, it’s important to understand what that means for your love life. Here are some tips for making sure yours is everything you want it to be.

  • Be open and date other people who are open, too

The best way to tell whether you’ve got a future with someone when you’re demisexual is to facilitate that ever-important emotional connection sooner rather than later. Be open, vulnerable, and unafraid of showing who you are, and date sugardaddies who are the same. You’ll know whether they’re for you a lot more quickly.

  • Ask lots of meaningful questions

Sugar dating is generally a great choice for demisexual people, as it’s all about ditching the games and the unnecessary social dances to get to the meat of whether two people are compatible. But it’s still up to you to facilitate the kinds of connections you want to have. Nix the small talk and bring up meaningful life topics for discussion instead.

  • Communicate clearly and honestly

One of the better ways to approach dating as a demisexual is to simply be open about your preferences and needs with any potential sugardaddies. Tell people how you feel, what you’re looking for, and why. Anyone worth being with will be willing to listen to, respect, and try to meet your needs.

Ultimately, dating as a demisexual isn’t a lot different from dating as a person with any other sexual orientation. But it’s important to be aware of your needs, as well as comfortable communicating them to others.


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