Are you Doing These Blunders That are Ruining your Entire Look?

your Entire Look

Do you believe there are people that dress beautifully every day? No. Nobody is perfect, particularly when it comes to their wardrobe choices of your Entire Look. Any celebrity, blogger, or fashion stylist will agree.

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Now I’ll explain the five most common style mistakes women make on a daily basis.

Always Wearing Same Size:

Sizing varies greatly depending on the store, brand, and item, as any woman who has shopped high-fashion or fast-fashion recognizes. Cheaper clothing tends to run much larger, thus a woman may wear a size Large at Forever 21, but still, be a size 2. Instead of obsessing about the number, focus on how items appear on your body.

Avoid Wearing Heels:

You think tall women should not wear heels. I’m not sure why you think you can’t do it.   Please don’t feel pressured to answer to anyone or that your height or any other physical characteristic limits the types of shoes you can wear. Tall women should wear high heels but when you are feeling discomfort you can avoid wearing them. Many tall women wear heels because they increase their height, lengthen their legs, and make them feel more confident.

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No Use of Accessories:

The lack of accessories can be even scarier than their abundance. Women generally rationalize this by claiming that they “don’t have time” to choose accessories. Remember that finishing your ensemble with a few minor details like a necklace, scarf, or multi-colored spectacles is always a good idea. To add this “touch,” you only need an extra 30 seconds in the morning.

Wrong Undergarments

Many women appear to ignore their underwear because it is hidden and not visible to others. However, this is a major fashion faux pas. When you need to avoid obvious panty lines, make sure you always have the appropriate underwear. When someone wears a sheer dress and I can see what they’re wearing below, it’s quite unpleasant. A decent push-up bra, strapless bra, and pasties are also always useful. It’s sometimes the only thing that can help you look better.

Loud Makeup

With the attention on contouring, thick brows, and glitter-laden eyelids, it’s impossible not to tutor and imitate beauty bloggers from various social media platforms. However, there is a fine line between using everything in your makeup bag to paint your face and following a proper beauty routine. So, girls, turn up the volume on the music but not on your makeup.


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