Are You Financially Ready To Take Care of a Dog?

Certified Dog Trainer

Dogs make wonderful companions. They love you unconditionally, cuddle with you when you’re feeling sad and make you laugh with their silly antics. However, they need more than just your love. Before getting a pet, you need to make sure you can afford everything that comes along with the financial responsibilities, which include food, vet visits and grooming. That doesn’t even account for the unnecessary expenses such as treats, beds, toys and other gifts you’ll want to spoil your pet with. Getting a pet is an expensive decision that should be approached with plenty of thought and number crunching. Here are questions you should ask yourself to help you decide whether you can afford a dog and take care of it properly. 

Can You Save Money?

Do you have extra money to set aside from your paychecks? You should be able to put money into a savings account specifically for pet purchases or pet emergencies.

Try to save money before purchasing or adopting a pet to see whether you can save enough to give a new dog what it needs to have a fulfilling life.According to missmollysays, you can calculate costs of required products and add extra for nonessentials such as toys or CBD oil for dogs. In addition, you’ll need money for whatever fees are associated with purchasing your pet. Moreover, you can learn about the use of CBD oil for your dog on cresco.

Don’t put these initial purchases on a credit card if you can’t afford to pay it back. As much as you want a pet, if you can’t afford to give one a good life, you should wait until your finances are better. The worst thing would be for you to adopt a dog, realize you can’t afford to keep it after building a bond, and then having to take it to a shelter. Your heart and your dog’s heart would both be broken. 

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Do You Own or Rent?

You need to consider where you’re living. If you’re renting, your landlord may not want you to have pets. If pets are allowed, you might be expected to pay extra rent or a lump sum deposit to cover any possible pet damages.

If you’re a homeowner, beware of getting certain breeds of dogs. Some breeds can actually increase your homeowner’s insurance. You should always notify your insurance about a pet in case your dog hurts someone on your property. If your insurance doesn’t know about the dog, they may not cover this expense, which could leave you with costly bills.

What Are the Hidden Costs?

You already know you’ll have to buy necessities, but did you consider having to replace personal or household items? Pets, especially young ones, can be extremely destructive. Puppies chew on anything they can. They don’t care whether it’s a toy or your favorite shoes.

This can create a costly domino effect. Your dog chews a hole in your sweater, and you replace it. You forget to put it in a drawer, so your dog finds it hanging off of your bed and chews it again. Not only did you spend money on a new sweater, you may decide to pay for items to prevent his chewing. Pet expenses never really stop. They become less as your pet gets older, but you can expect to pay for things you never thought you’d have to.

Do You Need a Pet Sitter?

Depending on how much you travel or work, you may need to hire someone to take care of your dog while you’re away. Getting a trusted friend or family member would be the best option because your pet probably already knows this person, and you won’t have to pay as much for their services as you would for a professional.

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If you have to take your pet to a kennel, you may run into more expenses if they require specific vaccinations that your pet doesn’t have. Be prepared to meet whatever requirements they need. 

These questions aren’t meant to deter your dreams of becoming a dog owner. They supply realistic financial obstacles that you may need to figure out before adopting a dog. It’s your financial responsibility to figure out whether you can give a dog the high-quality life it deserves.


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