AstraZeneca to Offer Vaccines for Germany, France, Italy, and Netherlands

AstraZeneca to offer Vaccines for Germany France, Italy, and Netherlands

Oxford University has started testing the coronavirus vaccine. A pharmaceutical giant named AstraZeneca had already signed a deal to provide 1.7 billion doses to the university.

Europe’s inclusive vaccine alliance made a deal with AstraZeneca. The company is going to supply an experimental coronavirus vaccine of 400 million doses. The pace of the manufacturing of these vaccines is expected to get accelerated by this move.

The Italian Health Ministry stated that AstraZeneca is going to deliver COVID-19 vaccines to Germany, France, Italy, and Netherlands by the end of this year.

The total consignment costs 750 million euros for 300 million doses. Several other EU countries intending to avail the vaccine as well. The government will handle the cost of the whole consignment.

Pascal Soriot CEO of AstraZeneca confirmed that vaccines will be extensively available soon. After the positive nod from Oxford University regarding the experiment, millions of people in Europe can have this vaccine. The manufacturing company begins to roll out the production with the supply chain in Europe.

The head of the pharma giant also said that there lies a higher amount of risk, as the vaccine might work for some while might not for some. But lack of option makes the manufacturer thrive for a higher quantity of doses.

The company also signed a similar deal with the US Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations, Gavi – The Vaccine Alliance, and Britain for 700 million doses. A license has been agreed with Serum Institute of India for 1 billion doses. Expected countries that have shown interest in the medicine are Brazil, Japan, Russia, and China.

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COVID 19 vaccines testing

The phase III trials of the vaccines got approval from the British regulator the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency(MHRA). It showed substantial-effectiveness with utmost safety.

Jenner Institute of Oxford University collaborating with the Oxford vaccine group are working on this Covid-19 vaccine.

1000 volunteers took the trials in April. Their age was between 18 to 55. Another round took place in May with 10,000 people for trials.

In a recent development many companies like Moderna, Sanofi are also intending to discover a new vaccine that can fight this pandemic.

It is very important to produce more doses to normalize the situation of lockdown. The governments can also eliminate the restrictions on their people restrained from normal life.


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