Asus launches Chromebook C425 with an Intel Core m3 processor


In mid-2019, we got the convertible workstation with Intel Amber lake Processor, Chromebook Flip C434, by Asus which had 4GB of RAM and 64 GB of extra room.

Presently, we have the clamshell form of the Chromebook C434 with a couple of changes. The PC does not have a 360-degree pivot and it additionally comes up short on the touch screen highlight of the lip variant of this PC.

This clamshell form is named Chromebook C425 and is accessible at the cost of $ 500 which is marginally not exactly the cost of Chromebook C434.

Indeed, even after the evacuation of the two highlights, the cost of the workstation did not actually go somewhere around an immense edge.


This is on the grounds that the PC has various alluring highlights. It has a processor of Intel Core m#-8100 Y. It gives 8GB of LPDDR3 RAM. The eMMC stockpiling is 64 GB and the showcase is 1920 X 1080 pixels.

The clamshell rendition weighs marginally lesser than the convertible or flip form. The Flip form loads 3 pounds whereas the non-convertible or clamshell form, the C425, gauge 2.9 pounds in absolute making it somewhat more convenient.

The console of the Chromebook C425 is illuminated. The pivot of this clamshell variant turns till 180 degrees and can be set down a level. The touch cushion of the Chromebook C434 is of 6 inches.

On the off chance that we talk about the ports, at that point Chromebook, 425 accompanies two C type USB ports and a Type A USB ports. It additionally accompanies an SD card port.

Asus has had a background marked by not discharging any clamshell forms of the workstations. This is the main when it has occurred. It is reasonable enough to state that, Chromebook 425 is the first historically speaking clamshell form of PCs discharged by Asus.

The Chromebook 434 is valued at $ 570.


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