Atmospheric Puzzler’s The Sojourn Out Now : Available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One


The Sojourn was amongst the few enigmatic reveals of the E3 and Game cons. The game is created by Shifting Tides and published by the team at Iceberg Interactive. Now it is out on PC and consoles.

If you are inclined towards PC, you can purchase The Soujorn via the Epic Games Store for $25 (€22). As expected, it is yet another classic Epic Store exclusive that you can’t buy from anywhere else for a long time. However, if the console people don’t have to worry, they can get it practically from anywhere.

The Sojourn is an atmosphere based puzzler that consists of close to 10 hours of gameplay. However, don’t brush it off going by what the developers say. It looks like the game has a few challenging puzzles which will be difficult to crack.

Atmospheric Puzzler's The Sojourn Out Now : Available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One
Atmospheric Puzzler’s The Sojourn Out Now: Available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One

The puzzles initially aren’t very difficult. As you move up the table, the puzzles indeed become more difficult as more elements come into play. So that makes it fun as you progress.

The Sojourn’s gameplay is based on the first-person and also has a lot of impressive visuals. In The Sojourn, you land in a mysterious town, where enchanting lights guide you ahead. However, the world turns out to be full of dichotomous challenges.

The Sojourn is one of those feel-good experiences that you always want to come back to when you want to do something easier on the reflexes but involves a lot of brainwork.

Those of you who are into philosophy and puzzlers should definitely try out The Sojourn, a tale of light, darkness, and the nature of reality. Lots of challenging puzzles, enchanting visuals, and a well-crafted narrative are the main strong points of the game.

Can you break down the detailed obstacles thrown at you by The Sojourn and unravel the mysteries of the island?


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