Should I Hire An Attorney After Traffic Collisions In Lawrenceville?


After a traffic collision, no matter how large or small it is, we always hear people asking whether they need to hire a Car Accident Lawyer in Lawrenceville, GA after the accident occurs. You can read about what you can do after a car wreck. The response to the inquiry is not a simple yes or no. This article will give you some basic concepts about what you need to do after a car accident.

Can I handle my claim without a personal injury attorney in Lawrenceville?

In some cases, you need to hire an attorney on the same day, while others are only mandatory in cases where one party is seriously injured. Contrary to popular belief, it is not necessary to hire a personal injury lawyer Lawrenceville if:

  • You did not suffer any injuries after the collision. It may happen, especially in minor fender benders. It is not necessary to hire a lawyer in this case.
  • You are the only driver involved in the accident. Even if, unless injuries are severe, you may not need a personal injury attorney in Lawrenceville. 

Even if you were injured, damages that have been suffered by your car do not exceed $500. You can handle this claim on your own without the help of an attorney. However, you will need to hire a lawyer if the other party is not covered by insurance; in this case, your claim will be against their assets. Here is evil eye ring.

You should be familiar with this type of claim and already have some experience in this area. If you know what needs to be done after a car accident, you may not need a personal injury attorney in Lawrenceville. 

Remember that if you have suffered severe injuries after the collision, hiring an experienced car accident lawyer in Lawrenceville is mandatory. In this case, your claim will probably be subject to fierce discussions and negotiations. Without a good lawyer at your side, you will not get the compensation that you deserve for your injuries.

When should I hire a personal injury attorney in Lawrenceville?

After an accident, if you have been injured, it is mandatory to hire a personal injury attorney in Lawrenceville. If you suffer from the actions of another person or entity, you can sue them for damages that were caused. 

For your claim to be successful, you will need a good lawyer on your side. A car accident attorney will review your case and will give you a legal opinion to help you strengthen your claim.

What can a personal injury attorney in Lawrenceville do for me?

After an accident, two main aspects need to be dealt with: 

  • Criminal element: In this part, the goal is to establish who was responsible for the incident 
  • Civil aspect: In this part, the goal is to establish who must compensate you for damages suffered
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Every case is different, so it is necessary that your lawyer review what happened and then give his legal opinion regarding each party’s responsibilities under this incident.

In Lawrenceville, the following traffic collisions seek immediate attorney assistance:

  1. Hit and run or no injury accidents
  2. Driving under the influence (DUI), driving under the influence of drugs, and DWI (driving while intoxicated), , and drug-related DUI charges)
  3. Hit and run injuries or fatalities
  4. Reckless driving causing an accident
  5. Driving on a suspended license.

For hit and run accidents, the police won’t give you any information on the person who has left the scene, nor will they issue an accident report. Suppose you are injured in such a traffic collision and your vehicle is badly damaged as a result, or other circumstances make it difficult for you to move around (such as injuries, disabilities, etc.). In that case, it is best to seek legal advice immediately.

Failure to yield or stop at a stop sign are traffic violations that could cause drivers behind you to hit your car. If this happens and you have been injured because of the other party’s negligence, then you should contact an attorney as soon as possible.

Driving under the influence is also another traffic collision that requires you to seek legal advice. Certain conditions aren’t covered by car insurance, such as property damage and injuries (bodily injury and death).

Suppose you feel your rights have been violated and want to file a claim for compensation for medical expenses, lost wages (past and future), as well as pain and suffering. In that case, you should contact an experienced traffic collision attorney to represent you in your claim.

Is it legal to settle car accidents privately?

You can settle car accident cases either privately or through the insurance company. If you choose to do it yourself, there are some things that you will need to know.

First of all, only experienced personal injury attorneys in Lawrenceville can adequately assess your claim and successfully negotiate a settlement on your behalf. Since every case is different, you need to present your claim in the best light.

When you demand compensation for damages, there are certain things that the insurance company cannot refuse. Make sure that you are aware of these details when trying to settle car accident claims independently.

If you try to settle car accident claims yourself without any experience in this area, the settlement will likely be lower than what you could have been awarded otherwise. In some cases, damages may not even be covered at all.

What Kind of Evidence is Important in a Personal Injury Claim?

When it comes to evidence, there are two types: 

  • Direct 
  • Circumstantial

While most people think that direct evidence is needed, the truth of the matter is quite different. Direct evidence is evidence that provides direct proof of the defendant’s liability. For example, this would be a witness who saw the accident happen and can testify about what they saw or video footage taken at the scene by someone else.


Circumstantial evidence is also essential when it comes to your injury claim. There won’t be direct evidence (for example, no eye-witnesses to an accident). However, circumstantial evidence can be used to prove the defendant’s responsibility/negligence in the case. These types of evidence could include:

  • Expert witnesses to testify on your behalf
  • Medical records and bills
  • Photographs of the accident
  • Witnesses who saw how the accident happened and can testify about what they saw

How do you ask for pain and suffering without a lawyer?

If you were harmed in a car accident, you could claim personal injury damages (pain and suffering). These are awarded when the injuries caused by an accident leave permanent scars or require extensive medical treatment.

There are some things you should know regarding pain and suffering claims. The first one is that there must be evidence of injuries for this compensation type. If you were not treated or there is no proof that your injuries are accurate, the judge will refuse to award pain and suffering damages.

Remember that you can claim both property damage, and pain and suffering damages if your case goes before a judge. The amount of compensation awarded depends on the extent of your injuries, time lost from work, medical bills paid by you, or expenses incurred because of the accident.

If you were not able to return to work, you could file for lost wages. Your lawyer will help you determine the amount of compensation that you should receive.

If your car was seriously damaged after the accident, you might be awarded damages for loss of vehicle use. This type of recovery lets you claim the cost of renting or leasing vehicles while your car is being repaired or replaced.

Should I Give a Recorded Statement to an Insurance Adjuster?

For the most part, you should not and will be better off if you do not give any recorded statements to an insurance adjuster. Some statements could potentially harm your claim. The insurance adjuster may be able to prove that you are “not injured” as a result of the accident or make comments about how your injuries are “not as bad as they seem.” 

Statements like this indicate that you may not want to pursue a claim and can be used against you (and your injury protection benefits) if the case goes to court.

However, suppose your injuries are very evident, and it can be beneficial for your claim to document them through photos or another form of documentation. In that case, it is best to get advice from your attorney before you decide to cooperate with an insurance adjuster.


It is possible to claim compensation for car accident injuries even if you were partially at fault. You can check with your insurance company or speak with a personal injury attorney about the details of your case. What types of damages will be awarded to you.

You need to familiarize yourself with the laws regarding personal injuries caused by car accidents if you want to proceed without a Personal Injury Lawyer. If you are unsure about doing this, you can always ask for help from Lawrenceville’s experienced personal injury attorney.


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