11 ways augmented reality can change the way you use your phone

augmented reality to use your phone

11 ways augmented reality to use your phone.Augmented reality (unlike virtual reality) does not move the user into a digital dimension. It allows you to transfer almost anything to the surrounding reality. That is it changes the world in real-time, even if only for a short time. It remains to figure out what augmented reality can be useful for. Learn more at apppearl.

Attract visitors

Pokemon Go hints at one of the most obvious ways to use augmented reality. When the game came out, a shopping center, cafes, restaurants hosted points necessary for coaches to stop. People went to the point to take advantage of the game’s features and made purchases along the way.

With a good approach, you don’t have to use other people’s games to attract visitors. You can organize a “treasure hunt” as part of seasonal sales or make purchases more personalized. For example, Ikea has already offered customers the opportunity to” try on” furniture and other large items in their interior using an augmented reality app.

Emotional impact

Augmented reality can be used to promote products and services in different areas if it creates an emotional connection between products and consumers. This is done by demonstrating products and developments in a familiar environment for customers. Clothing stores can offer virtual fitting rooms, game developers can “animate” characters in customers’ homes; and travel companies can send a customer on a demo tour for 5-10 minutes.


Augmented reality makes it possible to look at education differently, as it allows you to simulate real situations. For example, a future workplace can be recreated in the classroom. Students will be shown how an experienced specialist copes with the task.

Technology can also be taught to show instructions for equipment by pointing a smartphone or special device at it. This can be promising when training system administrators, network engineers.

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The augmented reality makes it easier to work in warehouses. The technology allows you to scan items coming on the shelves in real-time and store them in the system memory. In this way, the program will be more efficient for a person to determine what is where.

DHL company is testing mobile AR systems that provide real-time object recognition, barcode reading, and indoor navigation. An employee with a special device can easily find boxes that are not visible and build the most optimal route. This reduces the search time and cognitive load.

Remote cooperation

Augmented reality can help colleagues interact on projects without having to be in the same office. So, developers can see the same code and each other in a way that makes it seem as if they are sitting side by side. The technology also makes it easier for top managers to control their subordinates.


Designers have already appreciated the technology of augmented reality, as it allows you to instantly see how the development will look in a real environment. You no longer need to explain to your customers what drawings and visualizations mean. The more accessible AR technology will be, the more widely it will be applied in design. First in large companies, then in each design studio.

Connecting the next generation

Until recently, even video calls seemed like an element of fiction. But now it’s time for the next stage of communication development. Developers predict the appearance of 3D avatars, which can be used to ensure a fairly realistic presence of the interlocutor during a conversation. This option of using augmented reality will be useful in business processes and will be invaluable for communication between family members, lovers, and friends.


Shortly, augmented reality will allow surgeons to perform operations without large incisions. The doctor will know exactly where the problem area is, without extensive access to the intervention site. AR is used to create a three-dimensional model of the patient’s body based on CT and MRI data. Thanks to this, the surgeon sees the place of work before he picks up the scalpel.

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Augmented reality also helps you calculate risks and understand what might go wrong. This is especially important for inexperienced surgeons and high-risk operations, such as on the brain.

However, it is difficult to say that this is a question of the near future. Technology is developing rapidly, and medicine remains a fairly conservative industry.


On army planes and helicopters, data is already displayed on the windshield. This gives the pilot the ability to constantly monitor the situation without being distracted by the dashboard. Experts predict that the technology is promising and will soon be implemented in civil vehicles.

Rescue operations

Augmented reality can make it easier for rescuers to work. A helmet for working in smoke-filled rooms has been developed. Thanks to the headdress, the specialist knows where his colleagues are, can exchange images of the surrounding area with them, and transmit data to the coordination center.

Mercedes has previously introduced the development of Rescue Assist, designed to rescue victims in an accident. The system determines how to cut the vehicle to evacuate the driver and passengers from the damaged vehicle.

Cultural education

The easiest way to use augmented reality for education is to introduce technology in museums. The visitor does not need a guide or audio guide to learn more about the exhibit. Just point your smartphone at it, and all the necessary information will be displayed on the screen.

Back in 2014, the Darwin Museum invited visitors to “revive” the Galapagos tortoise, lion, and antelope in the Windows, watch them, pet them, and take a photo.


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