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Prince Garg is a senior publisher at the daily bayonet. Covering all the fields like Entertainment, News, Tech, Crime.

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‘Netflix 'Marriage Story’ Full Review: Here's What amazing in the Full movie?

‘Netflix ‘Marriage Story’ Full Review: Here’s What amazing in the Full movie?

Noah Baumbach's latest film, Marriage Story, has a few moments; I think I will return again and again.A blistering monologue from Scarlett Johansson describes...

Need the best lighting set up for your big day?

When it is your big day, the only thing one can think about is the dress. What kind of dress they want and how...

Country Music Sensation Wille Nelson Cancels Tour Amid Severe Breathing Problem

The 86-year-old vocalist tweeted the news following his show on Wednesday at the Huntington Center in Toledo, Ohio. He and Krauss have been visiting...

5 Times Selena Gomez Fooled Everyone With Surprising Dating Rumors; Bill Murray Is Not...

Selena Gomez has been always making the news, not just because of her work as an actress and singer, but also with her erratic...
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