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Hello, I am a professional writer, with more than 10 years of writing experience. I love to write on the science related subjects and share knowledge with my readers. I hope all my reader friends will enjoy my work.

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Pixel Watch: A Patent From Google could have a camera in an unexpected place

The Google Pixel Watch is a long-rumored as well as anticipated. Smartwatch that we're expecting to see a slightly more of in the immediate...
Marvel- Rushes -Eternals- Comic- Back- to- print- before- releasing -movie!

Marvel Rushes Eternals Comic Back to print before releasing movie!

The edition of Neil Gaiman and John Romita, Eternals seem to launch their new upcoming storyline. The comics of Marvels pushed their release date,...
Netflix: "The Dark Crystal" Age of Resistance, Season 2: Has Netflix revealed a schedule of releases?

Netflix: “The Dark Crystal” Age of Resistance, Season 2: Has Netflix revealed a schedule...

The dark crystal season 2 come back to Netflix and release the season. This season is 10 episodes on prequel series directed by Jim...

Setting Your Home for the Age of Tomorrow

Nobody living in an urban setting would ever consider being disconnected from the surroundings to a point that they become outdated and old-fashioned. It...
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