Average Cost of a Wedding in 2022


According to The Wedding Report, about 2.5 million people will walk down the aisle in 2022, which is 30% more than in 2021. However, the average cost of a wedding in 2022 is also at par with 2021 at $27,000 against $27,063 in 2021. This price largely stems from inflation in proportion to the cost of goods and services. There are common and non-essential costs that impact the average price of a wedding. So if you are interested in a 2022 wedding, read this post for information.

Common wedding essential costs

  • Wedding venue 

The average cost of marriage venues range between three thousand and fifteen thousand dollars. This fee covers the ceremony and reception, but ceremonies are often shorter and don’t involve catering. So the bulk of the venue price goes to the wedding reception. 

  • Catering and drinks

Food takes the majority of wedding budgets with couples paying between four thousand and ten thousand dollars for catering. Couples who opt for wedding buffets will pay about $27 per plate while plated dinners will cost up to about $40 or more. If there is alcohol, it will cost about $15 per head. However, you can cut down on this cost by having a limited open bar. Offer wine, beer, and non-alcoholic beverages, or set up a cash bar where guests can pay for their alcohol. This is another way to save costs.

  • Officiant

The officiant conducts the ceremony which will cost around $300. Sometimes, this is lesser, higher, or unfixed. You may also substitute with a donation to an organization or house of worship if your officiant pleases.

  • Photography and videography

Your photographer determines how many memories you preserve by the end of the wedding. So getting an expert or even a student photographer is essential. For this part, you will spend between $1150 to $3000. And if you want to capture your wedding on video, this adds another $1799 to $3000 on average.

  • The wedding look

The cost of your wedding dress will depend on design, fabric, and maybe size. You may also need some alterations or a custom fit. This will cost you between $280 and up to $4000. The average tuxedo rental will cost $100, but if you want to buy a suit, maybe $350. Makeup and hair will cost an average of $300, with $150 on the low and $600 on the high side.

  • Wedding cake
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The average price of a wedding cake in 2022 is $300 and goes all the way to $700. This price is determined by the size, ingredients, and design. Think multi-layers, fillings, art, and edible creations, and you pay more.

  • Music

From the ceremony to the reception, you may want the orchestra, live band, or DJ, depending on your taste. This will set you back by $500 for organists, up to $1495 for DJs, and up to $6488 for live bands.

  •  Transportation

If you don’t have personal or donated cars, you may want to hire one, which goes from a regular to a limousine.  This will cost you between $500 and $1000. So decide what kind of transport, size and time duration you will need it, so you can figure out your expenses.

  • Rentals 

Some wedding venues don’t offer rentals, which eats into the wedding average cost. The fixtures and furniture you will need, especially for reception, can cost between $425 to $1000. However, this cost is determined by the setting and season. For instance, setting up an outdoor wedding venue may cost more because you need tents, tables, and more decor. For the summer, you may hire more fans, cooling vans, and even lemonade stations which may eat into your budget.

  • Gratuity

We advise that you tip your vendors from the greatest to the least. This is an appreciative gesture that isn’t fixed. The costs could change depending on the vendor. For instance, caterers always add their gratuity in their quotes. But overall, gratuities are between 15% to 25% of the overall pay.

Non-essential & unexpected wedding cost

  • Wedding planner

Many couples can plan their wedding without an expert, so this isn’t a must-have. But you may experience overwhelm and need the help of a planner. You can hire a full-on planner, a consultant that guides you, or a day-off coordinator. Whatever your choice, expect to spend between $1500 and $4000 on average in 2022.

  • Flowers
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Not many couples want to spend money on exotic flowers when they can work with foliage and greenery. In other cases, they can pluck right from their gardens or reuse previously used wedding flowers. But if you want to buy, a wedding bouquet costs an average of $160. Then all the flowers for the venue including table arrangements, wedding party bouquets, accents, and blooms will cost an average of $1500 up to $2500. This will include delivery and setup.

  • Wedding photo booth

The average wedding reception cost is on a rapid rise because of cute attractions like photo booths. This is a way to engage your guests in having fun, especially those who don’t want to dance. Setting up this booth costs an average rental of $650 and could go up to $1000.

  • Food for vendors 

If you are going to keep your vendors onsite for the wedding duration, then it is only fair that they have food to eat. This includes everyone from photographers to planners, caterers, servers, and cleaning staff. Put their meal around $70 per head.

  • Liability insurance

This cost may not come up, but expect it because some venues require it. This is like a caution fee in place to repair potential damage by your use of the venue. This cost is usually between $150 and $550.

  • Cake-cutting fee

This is another unlikely cost but expected. In most cases, the staff will charge $1 per slice. So make your total guest count and keep that money aside. 

We have curated the average cost of a wedding in 2022 and broken it down into possible determinants and costs. While some factors are essential, others are either non-essential or unexpected. However, this article will keep you informed and help you prepare better for your 2022 wedding. So read this post and stay on top of the market.


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