Baby Season 3 Trailer is out now – What will happen next in the show?


Baby is one of the most famous Italian Teen Dramas on Netflix, first premiered in 2018 with an exclusive storyline. The show takes its audience into witnessing the scandalous high school life of students in Rome who are somehow swirling in prostitution. After two mind-blowing seasons, Baby Season 3 is finally announced by Netflix and let its viewers know that there’s more to the prostitution ring in Rome than students. Yes! In the upcoming season 3 of Baby, Chiari will make her first move to take her Revenge. But what if Ludo finally reaches his destination of Escape? – Too many spoilers, right? 

Baby season 3 Trailer
Image Credit: Netflix

So, without any further ado, let’s find out everything that viewers predict will happen next in Baby Season 3. But before that, we are going to represent some authentic Infos about the show’s next season. 

What is Baby Season 3 Release Date?

To begin with, Baby Season 2 had come out in October 2019, consisting of Six worldwide viewed episodes. After a long wait and suspense among the viewers, Baby Season 3 has finally announced. So, are you thrilled to know when Baby’s season 3 is launching? Well! To the reader’s surprise, earlier, baby season 3 release date was set to be 5th June 2020. However, the show’s finale got delayed because of the current COVID-19 Widespread.

Baby all seasons available on Netflix
Image Credit: Netflix

Sadly, Baby and Netflix’s production has not set up the latest release date for Baby Season 3. And because this third season will be the finale of the show, it is worth waiting for! What do you think?

Several percentages of show’s fan following are expecting the 3rd installment of Baby to come out by the end of 2020. But, the CoronaVirus epidemic seems like a strong barrier for now.

Baby Season 3 First Look

To our eager fans – Congratulations! Netflix has finally launched Baby Season 3 Official Teaser. It is so chilling that trigger warnings require mentioning here. Let’s take a glimpse:

According to the teaser announcement,  Baby season 3 is coming out in September 2020.

Who are all in the cast of Baby?


  • Benedetta Porcaroli is appearing as Chiara Altieri. She is the first ever introduced girl from prostitution ring.
  • Riccardo Mandolini is appearing as Damiano Younes. He is Chiara’s boyfriend. Spoiler Alert – Very Troubled. 
  • Chabeli Sastre Gonzalez is appearing as Camilla Rossi. 
  • Brando Pacitto is appearing as Fabio Fedeli – Friends. 
Image Credit: Netflix
  • Lorenzo Zurzolo is appearing as Niccolò Rossi. He is Chiara’s ex, Camilla’s sibling, and Virginia’s current boyfriend.
  • Galatea Ranzi is appearing as Elsa Tommaso Ragno.
  • Giuseppe Maggio is appearing as Fiore – pimp
  • Mirko Trovato is appearing as Brando – He is behind the sex tape scandal. 
  • Federica Lucaferri is appearing as Virginia. 
  • Beatrice Bartoni is appearing as Vanessa.
  • Marjo Berasategui is appearing as Camilla’s mom
  • Isabella Ferrari is playing Simonetta who is Ludovica’s mother.
  • Claudia Pandolfi is appearing as Monica. She is Damiano’s stepmother.

What is Baby Netflix show’s plot?

To begin with, Baby follows the primary stories of Chiari Alteiri and Ludovica who are somehow stuck in the gameplay of Baby Squillo Scandal. Both students come from a high-end society and study in an elite surrounding. Yet, a silently running prostitution ring in Rome is grasping underage students by their guts and dragging them into an unending world of prostitution. 

There are several ironies in the show that will attract a 100% youth audience. The main characters come from very opposite backgrounds. Chairi is a youthful and rich girl with all the privileges in the world. On the other hand, Ludovica is a troubled character with hidden secrets about her background that reveal slowly in the show when she enters prostitution by her choice – that’s a maybe. 

Baby Season 2 ending explained!

In the last episode of Baby season 2, Brado’s latest video (scandalous) comes out. It puts Collodi in emotional trauma. Chairi gathers guts to take revenge from those who hurt her and damaged her private lifestyle. 

Ludovica finally finds a way to get refuge from her stalker. But how long will this go on?


In conclusion, the Baby web series on Netflix has come so far. And its upcoming season will be the end of it. Thus, the story of Ludo and Chiari are on their verge. What will happen next – is a big question mark. 

Till then, stay tuned with us, and enjoy Baby season 1 and season 2 official trailers for the first-time viewers. 


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