Backstreet Boys’ Nick Carter seeks restraining order against brother Aaron


The Carter family just can’t seem to catch a break. Backstreet Boys star Nick Carter has reportedly filed a restraining order against his iconic singer brother Aaron Carter, alleging him of wanting to cause harm to his sister-in-law and his unborn child and even kill them. Nick Carter is expecting his second child with wife Lauren Kitt.

Nick Carter attained a cult celebrity status with Backstreet Boys, who have released nine albums – their third, Millennium, is the fourth biggest-selling album ever in the US, and recent album DNA which was also their comeback album reached the no 1 spot.

Nick confirmed the rumors when he posted on Twitter to reveal that he and his sister have filed a restraining order against their brother, because of his “rising alarming behavior.” In his tweet, the boy band member also stated that the two love their brother and “pray he gets the right treatment he needs” before anyone involved is hurt.

Backstreet Boys' Nick Carter seeks restraining order against brother Aaron
Backstreet Boys’ Nick Carter seeks restraining order against brother Aaron

Aaron Carter’s career debuted in 1997 when he was only 9 years old. He scored two UK Top 10 hits with songs from his first album.

He went to release four more albums, including the latest release in 2018. He has also made appearances on various reality TV shows like Dancing With the Stars. He has been undergoing treatment for his mental condition.

Recently during his appearance, The Doctors, the singer who is popularly known as A.C revealed he has been diagnosed with schizophrenia, manic depression, and acute anxiety.

He also confessed very personal details by revealing that he used to overdose on drugs following the footsteps of his sister, Leslie Carter, who died of a drug overdose a few years back. He also described himself as a ‘recovering addict’.

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Aaron Carter shot back on Twitter by stating that he is appalled by hearing this and never threatened or desired to hurt anyone.


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