Beaches crowded in Europe as people enjoy vacation month without mask

beaches in europe

August marks the time when Europeans pack their luggage and set off for tropical destinations in their country. However, this year everything is different due to the coronavirus pandemic. Well, at least, many would wish it was more so.

According to reports, Europeans are flocking to the beaches irrespective of the resurgence in COVID-19. To top it all, many of them are not following safety measures like wearing masks and maintaining social distancing.

According to European traditions, August in the month of exodus for most European cities. Many residents flock to the beaches; while many people come from other continents just to be a part of this time.

Crowd flock Europe beaches for vacation

On the very first day of August 2020, there were crowds in the Mondello Beach, located north of Palermo in Southern Italy. The place was packed with people who have come for vacations. Many of them didn’t wear their masks and it seemed like they’re in summers pre-2020 – not coronavirus time!

There were beachgoers spotted in England as well, and there was enough crowd to make masses transmit the virus. Turkey also reported of packed beaches.

It is true that Europe has been doing better in terms of fighting with the virus compared to places like the United States, Brazil, and India. However, if the locals and travelers go on like this, there might soon be a surge in the number of cases.

At all times, it is necessary to follow the protocols for safety. People can stop wearing masks or not be socially distant when coronavirus would have been fought. In a situation where everyone is susceptible to the virus, it is important for citizens to take responsibility for not spreading it further. It is also important for beachgoers to understand that they need to survive many more August months in order to keep their tradition alive.

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