Beauty Habits To Look Stunning And Feel Great


There are many beauty procedures we can try to enhance our appearance, look prettier, and feel more confident! But something to keep in mind is that a lot of beauty treatments and procedures are not permanent, which means you have to do them on a regular basis in order to maintain their effects.

This might sound like a hassle, but forming beauty habits can actually be quite enjoyable! Taking care of your skin, making your hair silky and smooth, getting those nails done (or doing them at home with a cozy cup of cocoa)… these are all moments you can savor and enjoy. So instead of seeing beauty habits as a chore, think of them as an opportunity to pamper yourself and feel good!

Beauty Habits For Skin

If you’re looking for ways to get gorgeous and healthy skin, look no further! These beauty habits will help you to achieve radiant skin by addressing common skincare concerns like dryness, rashes, dullness, and aging.

  1. Follow a regular skincare routine – both for your face and your body (hint – cleansing is a must twice a day).
  2. Use flower water sprays and toners to quench the skin’s thirst and feed it with flower power!
  3. Use self-tanning products every week to keep that healthy summer glow.
  4. Do (or get) a face massage to smoothen up fine lines + wrinkles and keep your facial muscles toned.
  5. Have a glycolic acid or salicylic acid peel once in a while to reveal baby-like skin. A BHA cleanser gives similar results too + helps to minimize acne.
  6. Replace your skin care products as soon as they’re nearing their expiration date.
  7. Replace your makeup regularly as well – to prevent bacteria growth + keep your complexion clear and healthy.
  8. Clean and disinfect your makeup brushes every week to prevent infections (and pimples!). You can use olive oil, makeup remover, or even micellar water to successfully clean your brushes.
  9. Do face masks or face packs – whenever you love to! Do it in a shower, before bed, or while working from home… Just do them – it’s an easy way to get and keep healthy skin!
  10. 10. Scrub your lips with a lip scrub every morning to keep them plump and soft.
  11. Drink beauty smoothies to feed and strengthen your skin from within.
  12. Exfoliate your skin once a week to slough off old skin cells and completely remove any sweat (you can also use exfoliating face wipes).
  13. Alternate between oils and gels to keep your body skin soft and fresh all the time.
  14. Get (or do yourself) a weekly body massage to minimize the appearance of stretch marks and to make your skin firmer.
  15. Steam your face once a week to deep clean your pores and “open the doors” for any face mask or moisturizer you use.
  16. Put on SPF sunscreen every morning (and reapply too, if you can!) to prevent freckles, age spots, and sun damage. It’s generally recommended to limit sun exposure too.
  17. Spray your face with thermal water, a few times a day to keep your skin hydrated (one of the best beauty habits for girls who work on a computer!).
  18. 18. Indulge in a homemade face mask once in a while – just because they’re as effective and they’re completely natural + chemical-free. Ever tried a turmeric face mask?
  19. Alternate between face serums to tackle a few different skin problems at once.
  20. Get a body wrap treatment once in a while to boost circulation and detox your skin.
  21. Treat yourself to a beauty facial once in a while – just because you love yourself!
  22. Lower leg laser hair removal
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Beauty Habits For Hair

Hair is one of the best accessories you have. These beauty habits should be practiced by everyone who wants to have healthy, lush, and vibrant tresses.

  1. Always, always use a hair conditioner after you shampoo (not just for shine – here’s why hair conditioner is important).
  2. Do a scalp massage + a deep treatment (like hot oil treatment or hydrating mask) once a week. It will prevent frizz, dryness, and color fade.
  3. Visit your hairstylist regularly to keep your hair color and haircut fresh and vibrant.
  4. Condition your eyelashes to stimulate their growth (do it at home with castor oil + vitamin E or professionally – by having a conditioning eyelash lift).

Beauty Habits For Hair-Free Skin

We all know that hair removal can be a pain, quite literally. But sometimes, it’s just necessary to get rid of unwanted hair. These beauty habits might look basic, but they definitely deserve a spot on this list.

  1. Review your eyebrow situation every evening to make sure there are no sneaky hairs that should be plucked out.
  2. Wax your upper lip once a month to keep your lip line smooth and pretty (hint – it’s best to do it at bedtime to allow any redness or irritation to fade overnight).
  3. Depilate or wax your preferred body part regularly to make sure you’re not being stabbed by your own hair.
  4. Get your eyebrows professionally shaped (and dyed, if you like!) to make sure you’re keeping them in an even and flattering shape.

Beauty Habits For Nails, Hands, And Feet

Give your hands and feet the attention they deserve with these easy beauty tips! Regular care will keep them looking and feeling amazing!

  1. Fancy a manicure? Get your nails done (or do them at home) to keep your nails + cuticles aesthetic and cute. Plus, pretty nail polish can lift your mood every time you look at your hands.
  2. Do the same for your lovely toenails with a regular pedicure.
  3. Have lovely foot and hand baths to keep their skin looking healthy and smooth.
  4. Apply a hand cream every time you finish doing dishes, or after washing your hands with soap (the king of beauty habits for hands!!).
  5. Get (or do at home) acid peels for your feet, once a month – these remove all of the calluses to keep your feet extremely soft and good-looking.
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 Healthy Beauty Habits

Your beauty will always shine through the most when you take care of yourself both mentally and physically. Make sure to incorporate these habits into your beauty routine to help enhance your beauty from within.

Having Beauty Habits Is Beautiful

I hope you enjoyed this beauty habits list and found a lot of ideas for your beauty routine! I think there can never be too many beauty habits in our life… But doing just a few of these is already nice, isn’t it? Take care of yourself to feel a deep and honest connection between your outside and inside. Enrich your soul by showing yourself love. Beautify your appearance by making yourself healthier, happier, and brighter.



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