Become More Confident and Productive Coming Back to the Office After Quarantine

Coming Back to the Office After Quarantine

While some people look forward to returning to their office after quarantine, many others feel worried about it. The fear of falling ill, of using public transportation, and of not having reliable child care options are just some of the main concerns. How to tune yourself in full speed rhythm when the quarantine is over?

Due to quarantine restrictions, most people were sent to work from home to limit social contacts and prevent the spread of the infection. Along with that, narrowing the social environment has an unavoidable influence on one’s self-awareness of personal strengths, confidence, and esteem. No wonder we start getting depressed and feel a lack of energy to work.

How to set up a full working mode again in the office after quarantine? Let’s figure out what can be done.

How to Get Rid of Fears about Your Health and Safety at Work?

When the pandemic blows over, and society goes back to “old life”, it is highly possible that the fears associated with health and safety at one’s workplace will remain. How to prevent psychological stress and anxiety?

  • Redesign the working space to separate people from each other which will ensure their privacy and better focusing;
  • Take care of work surfaces, objects, and supplies which are often touched by people. Here try to do without unnecessary accessories, use only important stuff assisting your work;
  • Make regular cleaning and disinfection;
  • Check ventilation, air-conditioning, heating, and lighting systems;
  • Provide handwashing facilities, antibacterial agents, disposable towels.
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Working space should be friendly from the perspective of health to ensure workers’ calmness. 

Which Way to Regain Confidence?

After a tangible break in social life and office interrelationships, you can experience a lack of confidence and low self-esteem. How to act?

  • Start from small victories. Are you waiting for the boss to buy new equipment, a computer screen perhaps, or an adjustable desk, but he has already forgotten it? Make a polite reminder. Little victories will give you energy for more important tasks;
  • Practice expressing your thoughts every day. Verbal communication, smiles, and gestures will renew public interest in your personality;
  • Stop criticizing yourself. Analyze your actions instead;
  • Focus on respect for others to achieve equal feedback.
What Can be Done to Improve Personal Job Productivity?

We all want to become more effective while doing a job insofar that it directly impacts our outputs and salary. Although the approach should be individual, there are simple things suitable for everyone:

  • Manage your working hours. Make better efforts when you feel more energy;
  • Set a schedule for meets, calls, and other activities. Try to follow it steadily;
  • Make working place serve for your comfort. Use high-quality furniture. Remove distracting details;
  • Learn to be flexible and adapt to the environment. Arrange things to be optimal for you. Regulate the working process in a way that allows you to better focus on priorities rather than smaller tasks.

Remember that developing confidence and productivity will take some time. Celebrate your successful steps and keep on moving forward.


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