Belle Delphine Instagram star sells her bathwater and pee online for $30


Belle Delphine is a 20-year-old Instagram Star. However, does being a star come with the freedom to break all the rules? Of course not! But, since the fame of Belle Delphine, a.k.a Mary-Belle Kristner, she has shelled her fans with her lustful and craziest photos on Instagram.

In the past few years, the world has come across some youngest Instagram celebrities such as Sophie Mudd. However, there is a huge difference between Sophie Mudd and Belle Delphine. Sophie Mudd does her modeling. On the other hand, a BD gamer girl sells her bathwater. That’s right! This star’s store is quite prominent over the internet and receives a huge net worth. 


To begin with, BD is a gamer girl with a high-end bathwater business online. For the most part, she had become a source of troll on twitter. Yet, this did not cause BD to back out. On the other hand, the crazy fanatics of Mary Delphine also ordered bathwater online. Apparently, there are called “Thirsty gamers.” 

Today, in this reading, we have brought you Belle Delphine Wikipedia. Above all, in this reading, you will find 10 times Belle Delphine caused the internet to cringe. Are you ready for some cringy acts that will make you question the world’s stupidity over the internet? Let’s begin then.

Who is Belle Delphine?

For the most part, Mary Delphine is an Instagram celebrity. She is one of the most controversial stars from the 2019 trending list. However, controversy does not bring positive fame for them. This concept proves the power of the internet and how excessively these controversies benefit the celebrities financially? 

Here’s a shocking fact. A single bottle of Belle Delphine bath water or gamer girl bathwater costs $30 at first. But, all the fame and the attention of “thirsty gamers” have made BD more greedy. Yes! Now, she sells gamer girl bath water for $9, 000 along with gamer girl pee at Cringy enough? Well! There is more. 

Belle Delphine bathwater store has arisen suspicion among the trollers. Thus, prominent YouTubers like Pyrocynical, Pewdipie, Jabroney, and David johnson purchased the water to review it on their youtube channels. To be honest, this shows that some celebrities akin to Belle are too clever that helps them to fall in the headlines on Google and other international platforms. 

Delphine in black

10 Belle Delphine Controversies you cannot overlook

To summarize, Belle Delphine’s bathwater controversy seems high-end desperation for financial benefit. But, what about the other 10 times when BD went out of her way to cause the world to cringe? 

Belle Delphine Promises a porn account

In 2014, Mary Delphine started her career as the Facebook star by updating fashion and make-up tutorials. But later after two years, she appeared on Instagram. In one of her posts, BD poses nude with cat ears on her head, black underwear, and “fuck*me” stickers on her nipples. In the caption, she asked her fans for likes and further, promised to make a porn account. 

Here’s a jaw-dropping fact, this Belle Delphine sexy photo received 2 million likes. Well! Too many horny fans. Anyways! Further, after 2 days, BD opened a pornhub account with some 12 trolling videos uploaded. To begin with, this has also brought a lot of attention to the celebrity. Apart from this, pornhub and gamer girl net worth increased with this cringy stunt. 

One thing that the internet proves very well is that “the more cringy you get, the more attention you receive.” consequently, this statement brings us to our next point. 

Belle Delphine plays with Corpse

10 months ago, Belle Delphine Youtube channel videos went from 3 to 4. Yes! You will be shocked as well as cringy to acknowledge that she uploaded a youtube video while playing with a corpse of an octopus. She quoted “Meet my best friend.” While watching this video, it actually caused me to consider BD as crazy. 

This 4-minute video is just yuck. In the first view of the video, Belle is drawing a few animations on the paper. Further, the camera shows the dead octopus with a pencil in his hand. He is drawing his own picture. Imagine, a f***king dead octopus. 

However, this craziness does not end here. Further in the video, Belle is reading to the corpse, cooking with it, playing with it in the refrigerator, swiping on Tinder, brushing and bathing with it. THAT TOO, WITH THE SAME BRUSH!!! She called him “Timmy.” 

“I bet no one would want to purchase gamer girl bathwater after knowing there has been a corpse in that bathtub. 


On the official website of BD gamer girl, she clearly mentions that “I am also really into Kittens and DDLG Play. I would love to own all of my dreamy naughty outfits and gear so I can post more photos and content” To begin with, by definition, DDLG stands for Daddy Dom/Little Girl relationship. Thus, according to the post, Belle Delphine is looking for a “Daddy.” I do not get this idea of a 20-year-old dreaming about having a sexual relationship with someone of 30-60 years old. However, the world is cringed upon it. 

For the reader’s information, DDLG Play is a part of the BDSM community. There are few other types of plays as well including:

  • CGL: Caregiver and the little girl
  • DDLB: Daddy Dom and Little Boy
  • MDLG: Mommy Dom and Little Girl
  • MDLB: Mommy Dom and Little Boy

For the most part, these types of relationships occur in non-public communities. Yet, Belle Delphine’s store clarifies the idea that she is really into “Daddy issues stuff.” Not funny! What is our world heading into?

BD gamer girl: Pewdiepie inside me?

In 2019, the Instagram UK team kicked-off Mary Delphine Instagram account. Why? Well! To begin with, the model posted a picture of herself eating a picture of Pewdiepie. For those who do not know, Pewdipie is one of the well-known YouTubers. 

However, nobody could figure out whether or not she was trying to trigger PewDiePie for her fame and endorsement. In the picture, BD was dressed like an Elf anime likewise in Japanese porn videos. Further, she was eating a picture of Pewdiepie. This led to the caption “Pewdiepie inside me.” to this, the YouTuber did not react. But, twitter feeds filled up with memes. Once again, Belle Delphine photos become a source of troll among the twitter accounts. 

Apparently, this caused Belle Delphine Instagram much more than a troll should. Instagram deleted BD’s Instagram account. This account had approximately 2.3 million followers and hundreds of posts. 

Yet, this did not cause Belle to quit her cringe acts. She made a new Instagram account in 2020. Now, she is starting over with zero followers. 


Lewd content for $25 per month

At, Mary Delphine shares lewd and pornographic content. Are you unimpressed? Well. Wait for the cringe to start. On this website, there are over 3000 active members. Thus, this makes her net worth from this side approx $75, 000 per month. 

To begin with, Belle calls herself an Ahegao. This term stands for Japanese anime’s characters’ facial expression in porn. For the most part, she is very famous for her expression. Even so, she also posed as an Ahegao in her BD gamer girl photo with a dead octopus. 

Not only this but recently in 2019, Belle went beyond the boundaries and started selling her bathwater in the name of “gamer girl bathwater.” Even though the packaging labeled “not for drinking.” 40-60% of the purchasers consumed it. Furthermore, they review it online as “salty” and “candy-like.” 

Of course, the kink of people in the 20th century knows no bounds. However, drinking someone’s bathing water is a bit strange.

Wait! There’s more. In the time span of 3 days, over 300 bottles of gamer girl bathwater sold out. Can you believe it? Me neither!


“I Got Arrested LoL”

How many first-time offenders would laugh out loud about getting arrested? I guess, not more than 2 in millions unless they are psychotic. Well! That is what Belle did. According to the 2019 Belle Delphine twitter feed @bunnydelphine, she uploaded a mugshot of herself with the caption “I got arrested Lol.” 

Belle’s fans wondered what she had done to get arrested. However, she did not give any reason. Indeed, more than a few trollers on twitter mentioned that she is faking her mugshots this time to get all the attention. Yet, all the trolls were not enough for Belle to open up. 

According to her mugshot inspection, this mugshot was taken on the London Metropolitan Police premises. Besides this, one of the possible reasons behind the arrest could be Belle’s NSFW campaign on social media websites. 

It is not the first time that Belle has done something offensive. From selling her bath water to selling her Nude pictures online, she has shelled the pornographic industry with her weird elf kitty outlook. At some point, the world finds her quirky and wants her to stop with her ridiculous thots. 

belle arrested

Delphine’s Pee Jars

The world is corrupt. When it comes to celebrities like Delphine, there are monsters bigger than her that are ready to grasp the opportunity to make a high-end financial benefit out of it. As soon as the Gamer Girl Bath Water concept goes on the trend. Many gentlemen online purchase the bathwater on the Belle Delphine store.

In between this scam, some companies started selling fake Delphine’s pee jars online. They called it GamerGirl Pee. These unknown companies were selling one jar for $9, 999. From consuming bathing water to Delphine’s pee, creepy fans did not back out from any of the cringy stuff. 

The Raw-Egg Controversy

Not only Belle Delphine store is filled with creepy stuff, but her videos gross people out. Yet, there is a fun fact about human behavior “everyone checks out video one time to view how creepy a person can be.” as mentioned before, the more cringy the video, the more viewers it gets. 

Hence, in one of Belle Delphine’s corpse play videos, she is seen eating raw-egg. Some people on the internet endorsed her for this bold move. Others gave her a shout out saying that raw-egg is good for the body, it delivers protein. Yet, there were some trollers who felt like puking seeing her eating fat. That too, in a very wild and quirky way. 

Belle Delphine

Gamer Girl Bath Water Vape

Sometimes fans are so crazy, they would do anything to get your attention. Similarly, one of Belle’s fans purchased a bottle of gamer girl’s bathwater and further, vapes it for fun. He also shoots a video and puts it over Youtube. 

To you, this would sound disgusting. However, this has given rise to a gamer girl bathwater vaping culture among the fans. The fan/YouTuber started the video by saying that “I am one of the biggest fans of artist Belle Delphine. She is one of the most talented girls of today’s generation.” 

Indeed, the fan also posted on twitter “The Goddess Elixir has arrived.” In response to this post, some people call him a “pedophile.” Others also call him the cause of plague infestation in the country. 


In 2020, the world is expecting maturity among the new generation. In the very first stage of 2020, the world was hit by the COVID-19 Epidemic. To begin with, the world does not need any other pandemic potentially caused by bathwater. 

beele del

Whether or not, Gamer Girl bathwater is real. Or, even if she is selling her pee online. It is time to quit giving attention to such stars. They only profit from the viewers in different ways. In 2019, many online websites have claimed that Gamer girl bathwater is causing herpes. However, it is illogical as Herpes is a sexually transmitted disease. Yet, there is no harm in putting health first and kink later. 

It is time to motivate the world towards environmental and technical growth rather than expansion of the pornographic world in the name of social media and freedom of kinks. 


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