Physics is one of the most scoring yet complex subjects. There have been many who have scored a whopping 100 marks in the final exams of Physics. At the same time, there have been a significant number of students who have flunked in either their class 11th Physics exam, or class 12th Physics exam, or both.

When the stakes are high, how should you study the subject? The subjects of Science in class 11th and 12th, including Physics, are important because they not only teach you important concepts but also form a significant part of several entrance examinations. Whatever you study or will study in your class 12th, its foundation will be laid by class 11th concepts. Thus, both class 11th and class 12th Physics subjects are important individually as well as collectively. 

Every subject holds equal and immense significance in the mark sheet. How can one plan and smartly approach a technical subject like Physics? It is necessary to realize that anyone can score good marks in the Physics exam. You have to realize that the subject of Physics is not as complicated as we make it appear. It is a simple subject with easy to grasp concepts and it provides you with the knowledge that you can apply in your daily life. 

Keep in the back of your mind the reason for reading this article. Having an end goal is important as it gives us purpose and motivation to complete a task. When you open your Physics textbook, ask yourself what your purpose for the action is. It could be to score good marks in the test or to score high marks in the final exam, or you want to understand a concept better. 

To simplify your preparation, it is important to restrict your sources. This article will make you realize how you can complete the entire syllabus of Physics, understand every concept, and in the process gain knowledge. You can do all of this and even more just by using and utilizing one source: HC Verma Solutions for Class 11th and 12th. 

1. Comprehensiveness

The book is comprehensive in nature and coverage. The books are authored by Dr H. C. Verma. Books about both classes 11th and 12th are extensive as well as intensive. The books contain all the concepts and questions that form a part of your curriculum. Go through the books thoroughly. The books can act as a primary source of preparation as well as a supplementary source. The books will teach you how to apply your knowledge and understanding while solving a question.

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2. Syllabus-oriented

The books are revised regularly to ensure that the contents of the books are in line with the revised and updated syllabus. The books contain all the questions along with their solutions that can be framed from the topics given in the syllabus. You can rely on these books and they will prepare you for the final exam. The syllabus-oriented nature of the books will help you significantly in your preparation.

3. Solve the question

The books contain a wide range of questions and can subsequently serve as a question bank. You can choose to check your understanding of a concept or the chapter by focusing on concept-related or chapter-related questions respectively. You can even frame a question paper yourself by selectively choosing the questions from different chapters and practising solving them. 

4. Easy, Moderate, or Difficult

The questions given in these books are of various difficulty levels. You can assess your understanding by going from easy to moderate to difficult questions. The different types of questions provided in the books will help you to answer the questions in the exam. These questions will also force you to think critically, analytically, and from different perspectives. 

5. Entrance exams

The books will help you to a great extent if you want to appear for entrance exams after passing out, your schools. These books will act as a one-stop solution and help you to get a good score and rank in exams such as JEE Mains and will also prove to be helpful in the JEE Advanced exam. The books, apart from the questions, also contain theory parts. You can quickly go through the theory part while practising questions for these exams.

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6. Practice and increase speed

The questions of various tones are given in the books. You can also work on your time management skills while practising the questions. When you try to solve a question, use your hand watch, mobile, or laptop to check how long it takes for you to complete the answer. You can then work to reduce the time accordingly. This will help you to complete your exam in time as well as will benefit you in your entrance and competitive exams.

7. Presentation

The solutions will also help you understand and work on your presentation skills. Just like the content, the way you present your answers is equally important. The solutions will tell you that your answers need to be precise and concise. It will also encourage you to present your answers. You can also understand how presenting the answers in a clear step-like form makes the answer not only easy to understand but also appealing to the eyes.

8. Expertise 

The solutions that are provided in the books are framed systematically. These solutions will make the concepts clearer and even facilitate the understanding of the concepts. The solutions are prepared by experts who have significant years of experience in teaching. Thus, it makes it easier for anyone to trust these books.

9. Revision

You can also utilize the books for revising the entire syllabus in a short period. You can also revise a chapter or a concept by going to the specific page number directly. You can use pencils, pens, highlighters, or fold the corner of a page if you want to go through it again in the future.

This article would have made you realize how you can smartly utilize just a single source and cover the entire syllabus in depth.


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