Benefits of studying from class 11 NCERT books

NCERT books

Are you planning to take the CBSE exams? Then simply believe in NCERT books and treat them as if they were the Bible. We will try to provide you suitable and precise guidance on the benefits of NCERT books for CBSE students in the following discussion. NCERT books provide a number of advantages that are particularly beneficial to CBSE students. All you have to do now is choose the proper fruit from the garden.

What are the Advantages of CBSE Students Using NCERT Books?

You’ll be surprised to learn about the advantages of class 11 NCERT book for CBSE students. Keep track of what we learn:

The vast majority of CBSE term questions are taken directly from NCERT textbooks:

It is a common misconception that NCERT textbook for class 11 contains all of the questions that may be asked in upcoming term exams. Is this a proven fact? ‘Yes,’ says the narrator. If you look at prior year question papers, you’ll see that about 90% of the questions are taken directly from NCERT books.

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The NCERT’s Essential Questions at the End of Chapters are Usually Tricky and Asked in terms

NCERT, the questions at the conclusion of each chapter play an important part in the tests. The questions are equally perplexing and twisted. The majority of the questions are similar to the following: respond in a single word, etc. Will you take extra time to prepare for these questions? 

Are the NCERT texts insufficient for the exams? 

The explanation is that NCERT texts are all-encompassing and comprehensive in their own right, and CBSE will seldom pose questions outside them. These texts should be thoroughly read and studied by the pupils. There is no wrong in learning from side books, but you should be absolutely certain that you have studied every single line from NCERT. You should thoroughly study the NCERT books before moving on to other books.

NCERT books are more effective than side books in clarifying ideas.

The best approach to prepare for the examinations is to go over the NCERT books line by line and make sure you understand everything. The notes should be prepared concurrently by the pupils. Important information should be noted down so that they may be reviewed more easily. Other books do not offer you with a deeper knowledge of ideas like NCERT books do. The side books are an alternative, but NCERT should always be your first pick.

NCERT books are recommended by CBSE.

The NCERT books have always been recommended by CBSE for term exams, and the term itself states that these texts are adequate for pupils to achieve good results. CBSE has never suggested a side book. The CBSE has also issued a directive to all private schools to refrain from assigning additional side books to students.

Unlike other side books, NCERT books are written in a straightforward language.

The NCERT books, which are recommended by CBSE, are written and published in a basic manner that allows all students to comprehend the contents. Students are frequently perplexed by the side books’ complex and double-meaning languages. As a result, all pupils are rigorously advised.

For a month, study NCERT books and former question papers. You’ll be able to respond in a flash.

You will notice that after a month of sticking to NCERT and studying from these books rigorously, you will be able to answer all of the questions from the past papers in a flash. NCERT provides the answers to all of CBSE’s questions. A few numbers and words are twisted to put your knowledge to the test.

NCERT books are sufficient to obtain a good grade in CBSE terms.

Because these books are recommended by CBSE, they are sufficient for any student to achieve a high grade in their examinations. All that is required of the students is that they practise all of the back questions from the NCERT books numerous times. 


Recognize that as a term aspirant in 10th grade, you studied practically all of the topics in a generic manner. In the 11th, however, the scenario will vary because you have chosen a certain stream. Now you must immerse yourself in a deeper understanding of each of these topics.

Take a look at the 11th-grade syllabus while you’re studying. Take a look at it. Gather pertinent study materials and study accordingly. These few basic strategies can help you pass your term examinations. Make the most of this year to solidify all of your knowledge and prepare for the term. If you wish to take admission examinations like JEE MED, pay extra attention to key courses. Be a part of the Infinity Learn classes so that you can enjoy growing in the right direction and get good marks.


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