Best 7 IPL Cricket Score Ideas In 2021

IPL Cricket Score Ideas

The Indian Premier League is one of the best and biggest T20 leagues across the nation. The IPL will let you see your favorite players playing for your region or state’s franchise. Apart from that, it will also help you build a strong connection with the team you support and love. But when you opt for IPL fantasy sports leagues and wish to obtain a big score, there are several strategies that you need to know. Let’s see the best 7 IPL cricket score ideas in 2021.

What Are the Best IPL Cricket Score Strategies?

When it comes to gaining cricket score IPL, especially in fantasy sports, several strategies or ideas would be there. To know what these strategies are, please take a look at the information below.

  1. Apply The 80-20 To Magnify The Outcomes

The most crucial thing to do is apply the 80-20 rule. Doing so will increase your chances of a big win. This particular rule states that you have to concentrate on 20% of all the essential things to increase your output by 80%. This rule will work perfectly in IPL fantasy leagues as well. Try to keep your focus on the minute details, such as the distance to the boundary, the player’s form against a team, the condition of the pitch, and so on. 

  1. Keep The Point System In Mind When Choosing Players

When it comes to selecting players, the point system plays a huge part. All the significant actions that the players perform on the cricket field can help you win many points. That is why it is a good idea to opt for the players that are always available for a match. All-rounders are the best option because they perform well with both batting and fielding. 

  1. Make Sure To Opt For The Correct Set Of Players
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Choosing the right set of players for your IPL fantasy league is highly important. Always go for the top-order players when choosing batsmen. It’s because they have the power to face more deliveries. Make sure to opt for the bowlers according to the condition of the pitch and the stadium’s size. 

  1. Rather Than The Player’s Form, Keep In Mind All The Other Aspects

Individuals these days will look into the current form of the players but will ignore all the other aspects. This is one of the mistakes every individual makes. This is where the 80-20 rule comes into play. Keep your focus on how a particular player has been performing against a team and whether or not he is competent in accordance with the pitch. If you wish to make a safe bet, take a look at the player’s consistency. 

  1. Choose The Captain And Vice-Captain And Deciding Properly

Opting for the Vice-Captain and Captain for your IPL fantasy team is a highly essential thing. Both the captain and vice-captain can help you earn 2x and 1.5x points. When you want to gain plenty of success through your fantasy cricket team, make sure to choose an all-rounder and a top-order batsman for the vice-captain and captain’s position. 

  1. Be Sure To Look At The Last Minute Changes For Playing XI 

The most significant factor that affects the score is the exclusion of the fantasy team players from the Playing XI. This might take place because of an urgent team meeting, sickness, or injury. For such reasons, always look at the final list of your Playing XI right before you take part in a competition or tournament. You will get the provision to submit your Playing XI several minutes before you start the game. 

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So, you will get some time to make all the last-minute changes quickly and effectively. It will also help you come across a sudden inclusion within a player you did not expect to see before. These are the most crucial cricket strategies that you should always keep in mind within fantasy sports.

  1. Conduct A Background Research On All The Uncapped Players

When creating your IPL Fantasy team, you also have to pick an uncapped player for the team. Since such players are unknown, conduct background research on them before adding them to your squad. Proper research can help you identify all the best players so that you don’t add a weakling to your fantasy IPL team. 

Wrapping Up

Using the right set of strategies can help you score big time within the IPL tips fantasy sports league. The ideas or strategies, which are provided here will surely help you when you have decided to try out the IPL fantasy league in 2021. 



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