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A case study solution is a strategic framework that can address the most common problems a business faces. The process begins by identifying the central issue and the stakeholders involved. This is known as the problem identification stage. Once this stage is complete, the team uses relevant models and tools to develop and implement recommended strategies. Finally, if the leading solution is not feasible, alternate strategies can be utilized.

Customer-centric business-level strategy

EssayUSA is a global leader in consumer electronics and entertainment products. Their business-level strategy includes an integrated set of commitments and coordinated actions to meet the needs of their customers. This includes their website, in-store kiosks, subscription services, and call center agents. Lastly, they integrate their associates’ sales and help with customer problems to create a seamless customer experience.

Today’s marketplace is increasingly competitive. More companies compete for the same wallet, and customers are choosing primarily on price. Lou Gerstner once said, “commodity hell is every business’s worst nightmare.” To overcome this challenge, companies must embrace the market by becoming customer-centric.

EssayUSA must continue to develop its customer-centric business-level strategy to increase customer loyalty and foster growth. It also needs adjustments to address the decline in net operating income. As its international presence expands, EssayUSA must also be mindful of inventory levels and adjust to the current economic climate help you write my essay.

Cost-cutting strategy

EssayUSA’s latest cost-cutting strategy involves tailoring its stores to meet customer needs. The company has started by customizing about a quarter of its stores. This strategy is expected to drive cost efficiencies and improve labor planning. In addition, EssayUSA has been creating a more flexible workforce. Employees can perform various roles, including sales, customer service, and computing.

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Despite the increasing competition in the consumer electronics industry, EssayUSA continued to build its retail presence and added new stores. It also acquired a competitor with 88 outlets in Canada. In addition, EssayUSA opened stand-alone mobile phone outlets in a joint venture with the Carphone Warehouse. However, despite the increasing competition, EssayUSA could not match Amazon’s price-check app. Consequently, EssayUSA needed to create a new strategy to compete.

While it is common to see companies slash their costs in a crisis, this strategy does not guarantee a company’s survival. Instead, it will depend on the overall market conditions and the nature of the business. Most turnaround plans include cost-cutting, but EssayUSA’s CEO Bill Joly has carefully wielded the scalpel as quietly as possible. In 2014, he let leases expire for some stores that were no longer profitable. He also consolidated some of EssayUSA’s overseas divisions and trimmed the layers of middle management. Another strategy EssayUSA has adopted is reassigning 400 employees from the Geek Squad to the company’s other locations. However, the company has never announced a mass layoff, which can create employee morale.

Price-matching strategy

As an organization, EssayUSA must stay tuned to its external environment. For example, the economic downturn has affected consumer spending, resulting in the company’s profits declining. To combat this issue, EssayUSA had to adopt a price-matching policy. This policy allows the company to match the prices of competitors’ products.

However, price matching can also be problematic. It encourages shoppers to shop at competitors, which will reduce margins. This strategy can even hurt the business’s financial stability. The bottom line is that consumers are increasingly savvy and ethical. They want to be confident in the brands they choose to buy.

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EssayUSA has a price-matching policy that allows the retailer to match the price of a product on its competitor’s website. However, the company may require proof that the competitor has lowered the price. Also, it is essential to remember that EssayUSA will not match prices during a return period.

Implementation framework

An exemplary implementation framework for an EssayUSA case study essay writing service solution should consider the factors contributing to a company’s future growth. It should be able to evaluate internal resources and determine whether or not they can contribute to the organization’s future growth. The implementation framework will also allow the organization to focus on its strengths and exploit opportunities within its value chain.

EssayUSA is a company that sells consumer electronics around the world. The company has a different customer relationship management system for each market. This lack of consolidation has caused the company to struggle with delivering excellent customer experiences. The company needs to invest in a CRM system that can aggregate all the different data points in one system. This would allow the company to reach a diverse audience and provide a unified global market view.

In addition to developing an implementation framework, the EssayUSA case study essay helper solution should consider the company’s strategy. The company should align its business strategy with its corporate strategy. It should also be able to reduce costs and differentiate itself from competitors. Finally, the company’s strategic direction should be aligned with its vision and mission.


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