Best Christmas Gift Ideas For Men

Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas is just around the corner, and if you’re one of those people who still haven’t taken care of the gifts (gasp), it’s time to get yourself together! 

With the delivery delays and shortages, you might be worrying you’re already late. Add the usual stress of wracking your brain about what to get for Christmas gifts to all the men in your life is no joke either.

But take a breath – there’s still time to remedy the situation and surprise your dad, brother, or husband with a great, unique and fun gift!

Here are the best Christmas gift ideas for men.

Beer subscription

What guy doesn’t like beer? A monthly beer subscription from your local brewery is a thoughtful and fun gift that will keep on giving all year long. 

Often you can customize your packages based on the drinker’s preferences, so if you know what the man likes, go for it! 

A portable blue-tooth speaker

Whether they like traveling, have a weekend house, a boat, or love listening to music at the office, a high-quality portable blue-tooth speaker will come in very handy. 

There’s a vast choice of different options, so you can pick based on style, strength, or size! 

A comfy, soft robe 

Everybody loves feeling comfortable and pampered. A nice, soft robe is an excellent choice for any guy and if he’s a man’s man, just wait for him to realize how luxurious it feels to lounge in one! 

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Make sure you do your research and find a color they will love, and get it monogrammed if possible.

Travel book 

Does he love to travel or learn about distant faraway lands? Give him a traveling book for his next adventure or a great evening read for a cold winter’s night. You can choose one from a travel book series or pick something original with a different perspective. 

Cigars: If your father loves smoking one of the most luxurious presents for Christmas will be Cuban Cigars. There are various types of cigars to choose from for making an unforgettable present. Cohiba Maduro 5, Cohiba Siglo ii or Partagas cigars can be good options for a present. If your Dad loves the smell of dark-tanned Maduro leaf then you should choose Cohiba Maduro 5 which provides a delightfully textured smoke.

Air Jordans 

Most men love Michael Jordan and would give anything to emulate him. That’s why Air Jordan sneakers have earned him millions and why your guy will probably love them too!

Try to figure out which style and color would work best for his personality, and make sure you know their shoe size. 

Masterclass subscription

Masterclass is a great platform where masters of their craft teach us, mortals, new skills. Gordon Ramsey, Bob Iger, Martin Scorsese are just a few famous names whose courses are offered there. 

Everyone will find at least a few topics they like, whether for work or hobbies, so the gift’s success is guaranteed.

T-shirt subscription 

A guy always needs a clean, stylish t-shirt, and the more, the better! A subscription makes sure there’s always a tee ready to wear and ensures your man doesn’t go out in public with an old, stretchy t-shirt that should’ve been retired years ago.

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Shop for black v neck tees online at Fresh Clean Tees, for high-quality tees. You can customize the color if you want another one or adapt to the style of the person who is receiving the gift.

Dash or bike cam 

Keep your guy safe and give him a dash or bike cam to record his journeys and protect himself and his ride. There are plenty of great options that do the job and don’t cover up half of his windshield.

Smart notebook

A smart notebook is the best solution for guys who like jotting down notes but later forget or are too lazy to transcribe them into their computers. And it’s even more helpful for the artists or creators for transferring drawings to a digital form. 

There are plenty of options for different budgets, so you’ll find one that works for you.

Temperature control mug 

Nobody likes cold coffee, period. So make sure your guy never has to drink that sludge! A temperature-regulating mug keeps the liquid (yes, you can use it for tea or mulled wine, too!) steaming hot for an hour and a half, allowing them to savor it slowly.

Wok or cast iron pan 

Any kitchen enthusiast will appreciate a high-quality carbon steel wok for their homemade Pad-thai or a cast-iron skillet for their signature Shakshuka. 


Turntables are back, and all vinyl fans rejoice! If your guy loves music (and who doesn’t really), get him a modern turntable and a few vinyl records to start. 

You might add aged whiskey and a cigar, and he can pretend he’s a jazz club owner in the 1920s!


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