Best ELD For Trucking Companies To Stay in Compliance In 2022


The Electronic Logging Device (ELD) has become one of the most preferred tools in fleet operations nowadays by providing tracking and compliance solutions. The ELD can offer benefits in improving efficiency and productivity while following all compliance requirements. An Electronic Logging Device connected to a vehicle’s diagnostic port can collect engine data and produce reports that indicate vehicle condition, engine performance, fuel efficiency, and maintenance needs. The ELDs help capture, process, and analyze real-time information that leads to proactive and informed decisions. 

ELD For Compliance Requirement

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) provides regulations for all commercial carriers to use electronic logging devices for their vehicles to maintain records of driving hours and electronic logs. Fleet owners look for FMCSA-compliant and DOT-certified electronic logging devices that can help streamline fleet operations and optimize costs. As per FMCSA regulations, maintaining certain records and report generation becomes mandatory, which becomes more convenient with the application of ELD. The primary function of ELD is to record the Hours of Service (HoS) by generating electronic logs, which is an essential compliance requirement. It reduces the tedious job of manual reporting, saves paperwork and time, and provides automated reports on mileage and fuel consumption. The ELD has features that help fleet businesses to achieve efficiency, profitability, and safety compliance.

Best ELDs Available For Sale in 2022

A large number of products in the ELD category are available, each having some basic features as well as some advanced features. Users need to consider all aspects, including design, accessibility, compliance, and safety features, along with return on investment. They can decide which device satisfies their requirements the best and gives long-term benefits. The primary focus should be on the features that provide FMCSA-compliant solutions. Here is a list of the best ELDs for trucking companies to stay in compliance in 2022.

Matrack ELD

The Matrack ELD helps you to remain FMCSA compliant through automated and updated reporting. It offers compliance features like keeping logs of working hours and fuel tax tracking functions. It is one of the best ELDs in the market, perfect for large trucking operations. The device is easy to install and operate and provides many significant features at an affordable cost. The hardware installation is free, and the software service is available with a reasonable monthly subscription fee. The device works through user-friendly app support on IOS and Android platforms and provides a satisfying user experience.

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Key Features

  • IFTA calculations 
  • Automated HoS logging
  • Voice-based status changing
  •  Violation tracking
  • Accident reporting


The hardware is free with a lifetime warranty. The monthly subscription charge is $14.95. It is a very cost-effective option with no contract and no cancellation charge.

Garmin E-Log Compliant ELD

This ELD is efficient in HoS reporting and log generation to ensure FMCSA compliance for all types of fleet operations. The device collects all relevant data, keeps a record of HoS, and prepares electronic logs. Authorities can access the logs via USB or Bluetooth to audit the compliance formalities. The device installation is easy and conveniently works with the mobile app. The app allows drivers and managers to view the duty status and working hours. It offers IFTA fuel tracking and data backup facilities.

Key Features

  • Data storage in the phone
  • Free download of the app
  • Easy access to e-log from mobile
  • 24/7 customer support


The device price is $249.99, and there is no monthly subscription scheme. It facilitates long-term cost savings due to no ongoing cost. 

KeepTruckin ELD

This ELD provides effective IFTA-compliant reporting and HoS logs. The hardware and the mobile app both are easy to install and operate. It offers advanced features like GPS tracking, messaging, and automated alerts. This device is most suitable for heavy-duty trucks to ensure safety, compliance, and cost optimization. 

Key Features

  • Customized vehicle inspection
  • Critical event reporting
  • IFTA calculations
  • Two-way messaging and alerts


It offers three different plans. The base plan provides the hardware for one year lease at $150. The other plans offer basic features at a fee of $20 per month and advanced features by charging a $30 monthly subscription per vehicle. 

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Gorilla Safety ELD

It provides a cost-efficient ELD solution with the best document management facilities that help companies organize all relevant records securely. It has essential features that support businesses to remain FMCSA compliant. The additional features include accurate location tracking, two-way communication, and accident reporting.  

Key features

  • Document scanning facility
  • Electronic VIR and HoS reporting
  • Communication with mechanic
  • Custom alerts
  • Support during business hours


The initial price is $175 for owning the device and $17 for a lease. The monthly subscription fee is $12 for availing of the services.

Samsara ELD

It provides a comprehensive solution with its feature-rich ELD product with FMCSA-compliant hardware and software support. It offers a facility to upgrade to field management system (FMS) services with the existing software infrastructure. The user-friendly app allows drivers to log their duty status and vehicle inspection reports. Managers can view the HoS details from a central location to make informed decisions in real-time. 

Key features

  • Easy upgrade to FMS
  • User-friendly interface
  • Free trial
  • Easy installation
  • Live technical support


The device price starts from $99 for the initial payment, and the monthly subscription fee is $30 per vehicle. 

Rand McNally ELD 50

This device reads driving status and engine data to help manage the fleet operations effectively and comply with the FMCSA regulations. The android device connected via Bluetooth serves as a display for the presentation of logs conveniently. The primary purpose is to ensure compliance with the ELD mandate by creating Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports (DVIR) and Hours of Service (HoS). The web portal allows storing of log history for future reference.  

Key features

  • Two-way messaging
  • Data storage
  • Easy installation
  • Vehicle diagnostics reports
  • 24/7 technical support


The hardware installation cost of the device is $149.99.The subscription charges start from $20 a month. One can upgrade to a core plan to avail of extra features at $25 per month. 


The manufacturers in the electronic sector are using their expertise and resources to make ELDs more efficient and capable of meeting compliance solutions and providing users with convenience and reliability. The real-time access and analysis of data help managers make appropriate decisions improving asset utilization, productivity, and profitability. The ELD devices discussed above have features that can help both small and large fleets to stay in compliance, and streamline operations.


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