Best Free VPN for Windows that Masks your Identity from your ISP

Identity from your ISP

Your internet service provider (ISP) or your Identity from your ISP knows everything you do on the internet and your Windows laptop/PC. So whether you’re surfing the internet, playing games, or streaming Netflix, your ISP knows it all. This blog will be about Best Free VPN for Windows that Masks your Identity from your ISP.

There is no such thing as online security these days unless you use the right restrictive measures. We mean that you can always protect your online activities on Windows if you use the right tool. The tool we highly recommend for this is a VPN service

A VPN alters your IP address like and offers you a new one, so you can mask your identity and encrypt your entire connection to stay protected on your Windows PC.

Even though we recommend premium VPNs for this, if you’re low on budget, then you can just opt for a free one for yourself. 

VPN services also come free for your convenience and benefit. While they might not be the best at what they’re supposed to do, they are a reliable source of protection on Windows. For more information, just read the guide of the best free VPN for Windows by VPNRanks. They’ve covered this topic in great detail with Identity from your ISP. 

Are Free VPN Services Reliable on Windows?

Let’s be honest here. Free VPN services are not the safest option for Windows. Why? Well, there are a variety of reasons for that. 

First, no fantastic service with robust features comes for free. And even if they do, they cost you something. Similarly, while free VPNs claim to be free, they cost you your privacy. Many free VPNs were caught collecting and exposing user data to the world.

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Furthermore, these VPNs also come with poor speeds, frequent disconnections, and below-average security features. This way, they barely mask your identity from your internet service provider. 

Free VPN services also come with limited bandwidth and servers that may disconnect from time to time. 

The Best Free VPNs for Windows With Reliable Security

Best Free VPN for Windows that Masks your Identity from your ISP

While all the issues mentioned above are quite significant for free VPNs, there are still some reliable options that you can look into to stay anonymous while using Windows.

Best Free VPN overall for Windows: PrivadoVPN.

To sign into PrivadoVPN´s Service you only need an email address. After downloading and installing the software, you can launch the easy to use app. The Free VPN option gives you 10GB of data, every month. With the free version of PrivadoVPN you don’t get access to the full server network but the major locations are covered by the 8 counties you can choose from.
Download it here

1. ProtonVPN – The Best Free VPN for Windows:

The first VPN we have on our list of free VPNs for Windows is ProtonVPN. This VPN offers a completely free service along with unlimited bandwidth and effective security on Windows 7, 8, and 10. 

However, this VPN offers 23 servers in 3 locations: the United States, Japan, and the Netherlands. Using any of these servers, you can immediately go anonymous and mask your identity from your ISP and all across the internet. 

Once you’re anonymous, you can enjoy accessing multiple geo-restricted streaming services, including Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime, and more. 

To keep your online security intact, ProtonVPN offers a variety of security features. These include an AES 256-bit encryption to protect you from all kinds of identity reveals, an ad-blocker that will protect you from intrusive ads, and Perfect Forward Secrecy, which provides users a new encryption key with every session.

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2. Windscribe – Reliable Free VPN Service for Windows:

The second free VPN we recommend forgoing anonymous over the internet is Windscribe – a VPN compatible with Windows 7, 8, and 10. However, unlike ProtonVPN, this VPN offers a data cap of 10GB per month. 

So, until you don’t run out of data, you can easily mask your identity from your internet service provider in your country using Windscribe. 

VPN offers servers in 10 countries, including the UK, Hong Kong, France, Netherlands, Canada, Romania, Germany, Norway, Switzerland, and the United States. 

Connecting to any of these servers can easily let you hide your identity and IP address and unblock geo-restricted streaming content, like Disney Plus, BBC iPlayer, Hulu, Sky Sports, BT Sport, and more. 

Winscribe further offers a variety of security features for ultimate secrecy of identity. These include DNS leak protection, which makes sure that your IP isn’t leaked to anyone. It also offers a strict no-logs policy that ensures that the VPN service does not collect the user logs. Other features include 256-bit encryption, OpenVPN, ad-blocker, and more.

3. TunnelBear – Secure Free VPN for Windows:

Our last free option for Windows is TunnelBear – a quite user-friendly VPN service that offers much better speeds than the rest. With a dedicated app for Windows and amazing GUI, this VPN can help you stay unidentified by your ISP over the internet. 

TunnelBear comes with servers in 23 countries, so you can enjoy connecting to any one of them and protect yourself easily. However, a drawback of this VPN is that it only offers 500MB per month, less than both the VPNs above. 

This means that by using TunnelBear, you can only become anonymous for a very short period. But, until then, you can easily unblock geo-restricted content on Channel 4, Amazon Prime, Disney Plus, and more. 

TunnelBeat has multiple security features of its own. These include AES 256-bit encryption, a complete no-logs policy, and much more.


The VPNs mentioned above are great if you want to mask your Identity from your ISP. However, do remember what we mentioned. Free VPNs are not as reliable as premium VPN services, which would come with thousands of servers worldwide, robust security, and blazing-fast speeds.


  1. the thing about them is that they are not 100% free. Which means they have a limited free version.

    The one i’ve been using recently is brightvpn which is totally free. tested on US servers as I am living there and just care about hiding my browsing data.

  2. Free ones can get you into trouble sooner or later. One should not trust a free VPN for security and anonymity. Its best to opt for a paid subscription for a reputable service provider such as Ivacy, Surfshark etc.


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