Best cameras under $1000 in 2022

Best cameras under $1000 in 2022
Best cameras under $1000 in 2022

Upgrading your camera doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. Although flagship cameras that come with a hefty price tag are alluring, there are many great cameras on the market that are more affordable.

If you’re looking to upgrade from an entry-level DSLR, or you’ve mastered manual mode and want something with more features, it’s time to level up. But, with all the different options available, finding the best upgrade can be overwhelming as you try to figure out which features matter most to you.

Things to consider while shopping for the best cameras under $1,000

If you’re looking for Best Mirrorless Cameras Under 1000, you’ll want to consider a mirrorless model. Mirrorless cameras have taken over the top spot in the camera market and they’re likely to stay there for the foreseeable future. With companies dedicating their resources to developing mirrorless technology, you can expect to see new and updated models that offer high-quality images and a range of other features, depending on your needs.

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t choose DSLRs. Because the systems are more established, there are a host of options on the second-hand market, meaning you could come away with a camera (and potentially a lens) comfortably under $1,000. And even if you upgrade down the road, those DSLR lenses typically adapt easily to their mirrorless counterparts.

Best Canon: Canon EOS M6 II

The Canon EOS M6 II is a great entry-level camera that offers excellent resolution at 32.5MP and produces accurate autofocus with 5,481 focus points. While it’s not as customizable as some of its high-end counterparts, it offers a very solid selection of features for its price point. It can shoot up to 14fps, but lacks a viewfinder for those who prefer one. However, you can purchase an accessory finder that plugs into the camera’s accessory shoe for eye-level shooting. For video shooters, it can capture 4K footage, but the overall video image quality isn’t very impressive compared to some of

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Best overall: Fujifilm X-T30 II


– Excellent image quality and color

– Lens + body for under $1k

– 20 fps burst shooting

– Good quality 4K video

– Retro design and film simulation modes

– Lots of controls and dials, menu easy to navigate via touchscreen or joystick, and plenty of custom menu options

– Well-built

– 20+ lenses to choose from


– Screen only tilts & awkward tripod mount. So not really a videographer’s camera.

– 10-minute record limit on 4K capture

– Face detect not always reliable

This 26.1MP camera is the best option in its price range, offering great features and a fun, retro DSLR-style design. With customizable buttons and great JPEG quality, it’s perfect for anyone who wants to add a little flair to their photos. The X-series lenses from Fujifilm work seamlessly with the rest of the X-series cameras, so you can upgrade your camera down the line without any problems. It also shoots solid video and offers weather sealing and ruggedness that are both better than you might expect for a model at this price.

Best mirrorless: Sony a6400

If you’re looking for a camera that offers great autofocus capabilities, this is the one to get. It’s known for being responsive to commands and offers advanced AF tracking modes that will keep your subject in focus, even if they’re moving around. Plus, the price point is very reasonable given the features you get.



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