Best Post Holiday Cleanse To Get You Back on the Right Track

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The holidays provide you with wonderful opportunities to spend time with your loved ones, but they can also be hard on your body. Often, these get-togethers involve eating a lot of food, including many sweets and other unhealthy options. However, these are a few strategies, such as reading Detoxify XXtra Clean reviews and testing new products, to get you back on track in the new year.

Remove Harmful Toxins

One of your first strategies may include doing a cleanse that will help your body recover from your overindulgence. A good detox, e.g., Mega Clean vs XXtra Clean, can help purify your blood and boost your circulation. It also reduces inflammation and helps you lose weight. The right detox can also improve your sleep and skin while it clarifies your thinking. The elimination of toxins from your body also strengthens your immune system and boosts your energy.

Improve Your Gut Health

The most significant way you can improve your gut health is by eating healthier foods. This includes adding fruits and vegetables, especially microgreens, into your diet. You can also add supplements, such as probiotics. Don’t forget to drink lots of water, and add a little lemon to improve hydration and digestion. Eliminate simple carbohydrates and processed sugars.

Many individuals have started growing much of their own food so they aren’t taking in so many toxins. You can grow greens and microgreens on a balcony or in a window. However, those without any space for growing food have started building coops and trading goods and services or seeking locally grown produce at farmer’s markets.

Restart your Exercise Program

Most people miss at least a few days of regular exercise during the holidays. Start the year with new goals. Give yourself time to get back into your routine. If you didn’t have a regular exercise routine before the holidays, start slowly. You may begin by stretching in the morning as your coffee brews. Later, add in nature walks or other exercise options.

Fill Your Day With Positives

Search out positive or encouraging quotes, sayings or music. Create an atmosphere that supports your goals. Create a list that includes all the things that bring you joy. Include a list of why you want to meet your goals, such as health improvements, exciting events you want to attend, etc. Add uplifting music to your day. You may even keep a journal where you record your achievements, moods and other positive messages to yourself.

Build a Rewards System

Instead of beating yourself up for dropping some of your healthier habits during the holidays, create a rewards system. Set reasonable, achievable goals, and when you achieve them, reward yourself. For example, when you have kept your exercise habit for 21 days, gift yourself a massage. Make your rewards comparable to the goal you achieve.

Get High-Quality Sleep

Your body heals while you sleep. Therefore, keep a sleep journal that records when you go to bed, how long you sleep, any sleep disruptions and how you feel when you wake up.

Take your recovery one strategy at a time, possibly starting with Silicon Dioxide supplements and adding exercise, lifestyle and dietary changes as you go.

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