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When it comes to streaming TV Shows online, Amazon Prime Video is a perfect platform that allows you to play back-to-back episodes of all your favorite shows with HD quality, subtitles, and much more. However, recently, Amazon has brought in the best shows on Amazon Prime, which are reviewed by millions of users online and attained incredible IMDB Ratings. Do you know? Amazon Prime Video has become worldwide. Therefore, the platform contains shows from all over the world.

Further, these best shows on Amazon Prime Video impart the concept coming from different creative directors with another point of view in the context of reality. So, are you ready to watch and become addicted to the best web series on Amazon Prime? If yes, here’s to start with:

The Handmaid’s Tale: Best Shows on Amazon Prime for Dystopian Dramas

Pre Assuming that you are a follower of dystopian dramas, “The Handmaid’s Tale” is the top-notch dystopian tragedy-based thrilling story of June Osborne. The Handmaid’s Tale is written initially by Margeret Atwood. It was first released in 2017 on Hulu originally. Now, the Handmaid’s Tale Season 4 is due for its release in 2021. 

Plot Info: The Handmaid’s Tale follows the storyline of June Osborne, who has been kept hostage in her own country by Gilead’s Governmental administrators. After the civil war, the leaders have given rise to a personally-comfortable government that keeps fertile women as their handmaids and has sexual relationships with them to get them impregnated. As awful as it sounds, June Osborne and other women are captives and forced to follow the new laws which are nowhere in their favor. June Osborne also had a daughter and a husband in the first season whom she lost in the very beginning. It is June’s fight to take her daughter back from the commanders. 

The Handmaid’s Tale has received 93% of Google users’ appreciation for its world class portrayal of a dingy society that does not care for an individual’s thirst but only the robust community. 

Mad Men

Are you in for a big-time treat of comedy? In that case, the Mad Men all seasons are now available on Amazon Prime Video best series list. Why should you watch Mad Men? Well! To begin with, this American television series has already achieved 16 Emmy Awards and five Golden Globes for the excellent visual style and historical authenticity. Hence, if you take high-end interest in cosmic reality, Mad Men is where you start streaming.

Plot Info: Mad Men keenly follows the storyline of Donald Draper, who works at one of the top ad agencies in New York. Apart from being one of the best ad executives, Mad Men also carries out the portrayal of Donald Draper as a husband, father, and a struggling family man in the best humorous way possible. Hence, you are in for unending laughable moments while streaming Mad Men on Amazon prime

Here’s a trailer for you: 



Presuming that you are a fan of concepts such as time traveling and parallel universes, Lost is one of the entirely made best shows on Amazon Prime for you. Initially launched by ABC network, Lost has finished its six seasons already with a 9.1 rating on and 85% viewers rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Not only this, but the series also follows up a mind-blowing mystery and occult fictional concept to it. So, are you wondering what Lost’s plot is? Here you go!

Plot Info: “Lost” pilots when Flight 815 crashes onto an island that is comparable to a real-time abyss for those who survived the crash. To begin with, the show is quite prominent for the upcoming twists in the storyline now and then. Also, one of the best shows on Amazon prime 2020, Lost, depicts the alternative universe’s real-time challenges and has caused millions of streamers to think about how an alternative universe works would for them? 

Check out Lost Season 6 Official trailer:

Seinfeld: Best Shows on Amazon Prime for Sitcom

If you are searching for classic shows on Amazon prime video, Seinfeld all seasons on the mentioned streaming platform will make you laugh to no end. It is a very popular American sitcom, initially released in 1989. There are a total nine seasons of the show available to stream on APV. To the reader’s surprise, the show received an unbreakable record of viewers for its top 10 best seinfeld episodes including The Chinese Restaurant, The Junior Mint, and The Dinner Party. Apart from these, Seinfeld American Sitcom also received appreciation for wonderful cast and presentation. 

Plot info: Seinfeld keenly focuses on the portrayal of Larry David’s real-life experiences in the best comic way possible. For the most part, Seinfeld has no strict storyline, it is a collection of funny episodes with a high-end touch of light entertainment. Hence, on condition that you want to “timepass” this quarantine, Seinfeld is where you should start! Above all, the show is prominently known as “a show about nothing.”

The Purge

To begin with, everyone has dark fantasies in mind that will never come true. One such dark fantasy of the “world binded by no law” is the major storyline of the Purge. That’s right! In the past, we have had our glimpse of “The Purge” in the view of movies. But, this time best shows on Amazon Prime are listing “The Purge” as one of the ranking dark series. It was initially released in 2018 and gained over one million viewers online. Let’s find out what its about:

Plot Info: The Purge is a dystopian drama that follows the storyline of many characters who are planning their move for the “PURGE” which is starting soon. For the reader’s information, the purge is a 12-24-hours period during which any illegal activity is legalized, i.e.., there will be no legal consequences or trails for vandalism, theft, and even murder. Isn’t that quite intimidating? 

Let’s check out the official trailers for The Purge:


The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel 

Created by Amy Sherman-Palladino, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel is yet another gem of entertainment, especially, for women. That’s right! It is 2020 already and all the taboo(s) related to women are slowly turning into a new normal. However, life for Mrs. Maisel is a little bit different. And thus, she makes it to the list of best shows on Amazon prime 2020. 

Plot info: to begin with, Mrs. Maisel is an upper class Jewish American housewife. Soon-to-realize, Mrs. Maisel’s lifestyle and priorities turned upside down when her husband Joel leaves her for his secretary. Turns out, this is the best thing that has happened to Mrs. Maisel because she is going to be marvelous in her ways very soon. To the reader’s surprise, the show sets in 1950(s). Check out the trailer: 



Who does not love the classic entrances of Julia Roberts? Homecoming is one of the top-notch web series on amazon prime, starring Julia Roberts into a whole new light of direction and role. 

Plot Info: Homecoming follows the storyline of Heidi Bergman, a social worker at the homecoming facility center for soldiers who have gone through tragic times and are experiencing challenges to fit into a life as a civilian. Meanwhile, after four years, Heidi Bergman suspiciously could not remember anything about working at the facility which apparently opens up the doors of curiosity and purpose behind the homecoming transition facility center. 

The Big Bang Theory: Best Shows on Amazon Prime for Rich Comedy

What’s beyond your power is what Sheldon Cooper does! That’s right! One of the longest and best comedy shows on Comedy Central is now available on Amazon Prime Video. For the first-time viewers of the Big Bang Theory, it is never too late to know Sheldon Cooper and his gang! It is one of the most affluent American television series in the history of entertainment. 

Plot Info: The Big Bang Theory follows the storyline of Sheldon Cooper, a high-end intellectual with zero growth in the context of emotions. He is a scientist at Caltech and lives with Leonard Hofsdater who is also a physicist at the same organization. The lives of Sheldon, Leonard, Raj, and Howard (four nerds) changes when Penny, a new girl, moves next door. The journey of Sheldon Cooper as a rewarded scientist, as a husband, and as an amazing friend is mind-blowing. 

Young Sheldon

In the event that you love Sheldon cooper in the Big Bang Theory, check out the next best shows on Amazon Prime, ie.., Young Sheldon. In this series, the life of Sheldon Cooper as a 10-year-old is described where he had troubles that you may find funny to watch. Check out the latest official trailer for Young Sheldon. 


Last but not least, Fleabag has entertained millions of viewers on Amazon prime video already. It is one of the best cringe comedies on the platform with a unique storyline and outstanding creative-touch of Phoebe Waller-bridge. First, Fleabag is a story of a young woman struggling to fit into her new life in London. Her way of coping with different situations makes Fleabag a complete pack of comedy. 

Epilogue for best shows on Amazon Prime

We hope you will soon stream all listings from our best shows on Amazon Prime pack. You can connect with us for future updates on upcoming TV series. Till then, keep streaming! Also check out: Where can you Watch TV Shows free Online?


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