Best suits for men in 2020 : men’s suit brands that will help you lead the crowd!

Best suits for men inspired by Nick Jonas
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It is time to let go-off the old-gold best suits for men and redo your wardrobe because this 2020, we are presenting a very iconic list of the latest best suits for men to fulfill every occasion with grace and style. In this modern world, women have numerous clothing choices when it comes to rechoosing a brand, style, color, and whatnot! On the other hand, men with zero styling experience struggle to fit into a crowd of professionals at office parties, weddings, and festive occasions. If you are such a man, this reading will help you learn fashion in 2020. Visit Blank Label where you can get your own custom suit.

Yes! Check out the following list of the top 10 best suits for men in 2020. These suits will help you to upscale your reputation to the top. Are you ready? Here are the top 10 best suits for men that will redo your wardrobe for excellent and long this time:

Ermenegildo Zegna – 1st ranking best suits for men designer

For men who are looking for the best men’s suits for the money for a one-time occasion – Ermenegildo Zegna Black Suit is everything you need to keep your eyes on! This excellent branded suit made in Italy from the Su Misura collection is available online for just $3795. Its solid pattern with 100% Wool fabric will soothe your skin for the entire night of fun and entertainment.

Emrenegildo Zegna best suits for men
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Whether you are preparing for a world-class meeting of your lifetime career. Or, looking for best suits for men for wedding. Ermenegildo Zegna Black suit is a perfect choice. 

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Above all, Ermenegildo Zegna is a brand worthy of its name and high-end price tags due to its long-lasting fabric quality, classic colors, and whatnot!

Tom Ford Suits for Men

Recently opened up in 2006, Tom Ford brand by American designer – Thomas Carlyle Ford is the epitome of luxury in the fashion industry. The brand beats decades old names in the industry such as Gucci by far. 

Best suits for men 2020 list top 10
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Tom Ford is an inspiring brand if you are a fan of all-time classic suits with a touch of colorful ties and pockets. It leads you towards your dressing up goals by 100%. From Black Silk Shelton’s signature to Sharkskin wool Shelton, Tom Ford’s official website choices are unlimited.
Although, in case you are looking for options cheaper than $3000, then, unfortunately, Tom Ford’s collection may stun you with its prices. However, investment in this brand is long-lasting. Ten years in the future from now, Tom Ford will remain the king. Its Black Suit collection will always be on the list of top 10s. So, what do you think?

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Dior’s latest collection of Tuxedos

In this list of best suits for men, Dior’s latest 2020 collection of Tuxedos is ranking on 3rd place. This brand is presenting mind-blowing Tuxedos. Suits complimented with satin details. Choose from the latest black wool grain de poudre collection made in Italy. In this suit, side strips on the legs is something you haven’t witnessed in the fashion industry for a long time. But fortunately, Dior is bringing back traditional interfacing to its collection that will live longer in Hollywood this 2020. 

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Dior is one of the top-notch brands that run among the high society of celebrities. Nick Jonas spotted in white Dior tuxedo with traditional detailing at Met Gala 2020. Not only this but when it comes to best suits for women, Charlize Theron also rocked in Dior Counter tux at Cannes Red Carpet and believe us – all the cameras were on her! So, ladies, this Dior collection is for you as well. Go counter Tux!

Blue and Golden Versace suit

Best suits for men inspired by Nick Jonas
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In 2015 at Grammys Red Carpet, Nick Jonas captured in a very uniquely designed blue and golden versace suit. From that moment on, Versace also became a high-end clothing brand for not just women but also to buy best suits for men till today. To be honest, from Bruno Mars to everyone’s favourite Leonardo DiCaprio, Versace has been a consistent choice from the 1990s. Reason being – Versace is a brand that goes from latest fashion to tracking down what’s coming in the fashion industry next year. 

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To begin with, from Met Galas to Cannes or Grammys, Versace is seen on the skin of hundreds of celebrities. Well! It is a winner. 

Louis Vuitton best suits for men 

From era 2015-2018, you may have gone crazy over the dressing style and brand choices of Kardashian’s, however, Kim Kardashian’s husband and prominent rapper – Kanye West is rocking in public in a very light green Louis Vuitton suit and this brings LV to 5th rank in this list of top 10 best suits for men. 

Image Credit: Wall street journal

Although, this LV’s suit for men is not a perfect count under the category of Men’s suits for weddings. However, it is a classic alternative for occasions such as bachelorette parties, cocktails, classic club night out, and a perfect outfit for retirement or promotion. 

To be honest, some of the readers may take Louis Vuitton brand good for its high-end collection of best handbags for men and women. However, in the past few years, LV has also advanced in the context of clothing and now, is ready to redo your wardrobe with shining color combinations and sophisticated looks. 

Gucci collection for Men

Best suits for men by Gucci
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Gucci is one of the long-lasting brands in Hollywood, whether you look in the past or today’s stars like Bradley Cooper – Gucci is forever to be seen. So, why left it out? To begin with, Gucci has not upgraded much in the past years when it comes to fashion. And to be honest, it is not a bad thing either because, from the very beginning, Gucci has offered unique collections to the world where men have minimal clothing alternatives.

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A set of younger stars in Hollywood also prefer Gucci over any other brand, such as Timothy Chalamet walked on the Red Carpet in Green Gucci suit, which trended over social media like hell. On the other hand, Harry Styles Printed Best suits for men by Gucci are fascinating to look at.

Image Credit: Pinterest

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Armani Campaign and Ryan Reynolds 

The Sauve Black Tuxedo worn by Ryan Reynolds at the Armani Campaign sets outfit goals for men at another level. This suit sparks out sexiness, sophistication, skin tone, style, and whatnot! To the reader’s surprise, Ryan Reynolds has announced as the new modeling face of Armani, which perfectly fits in the minds of fans. Look how amazing Ryan looks!

Image Credit: Pinterest, Armani, and Ryan Reynolds

If you want to look this amazing, you can one step away from buying the best suits for men 2020 from Armani’s latest collection for men:

Brooks Brothers – Presidential Look!

Nine out of ten men will follow the dressing styles carried out by celebrities but if you are not one of them, then you are a perfect buyer at Brooks Brothers. This classic brand highly serves the presidents of the United States for the longest time ever. Whether you Google H.W. Bush’s style or Barack Obama’s, one common thing that you will find out is the collection of Brooks Brothers best suits for men. 

Best presidential suits for men
Image Credit: the telegraph

So, the question is what’s so good about Brooks Brothers apart from being expensive? Well! To begin with, it is one and only brand that has been running ‘alive and wild’ in the United States since the early 1800s. 

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Stefano Ricci 

Do you know? Our Hollywood Stars from the 1970s are very fond of Stefano Ricci that also sponsors “Celebrities Fight Night” since 2014 in honor of Ricci and Bocelli’s family union. Television and big screen stars, including Tom Cruise, Nelson Mandela, Andrea Bocelli, and Micheal Bubla, are the epitome of loyalty for Stefano Ricci. Apart from this, the brand is comparably inexpensive.

Image Credit: Be Global Fashion Network

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To be honest, this brand gives you vibes of a king. Not many celebrities stuck to SR, however, those who do – really stand out among the crowd. 

Brioni Suits for men

To begin with, This brand is a complete 007, if you know what I mean! Yes! You have guessed it right – Brioni Suits for men and Pierce Brosnan have a very long lead of loyalty. Throughout the James Bond movies, PB has embraced his 007 style in confidence of Brioni suits latest collection. Apart from Pierce B, Tom Cruise and Will Smith also carry biggest hooks of styling attached to Brioni. 

Image Credit: Brioni official website

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1. What is the difference between a suit and a tuxedo?

A suit is a formal outfit with a jacket, trousers, and a matching waistcoat or vest. A tuxedo is a more formal eveningwear suit with satin or grosgrain lapels, a cummerbund, and a bow tie.

2. What is the best type of suit for a job interview?

A conservative navy or charcoal suit is a good choice for a job interview. It conveys professionalism and seriousness.

3. How should a suit fit?

A suit should fit well and flatter your body type. The jacket should not be too tight or loose, and the trousers should not be too baggy or tight.

4. What accessories should I wear with a suit?

A classic leather belt, a nice watch, and a pair of cufflinks are all essential accessories for a suit. You can add a tie or a pocket square for a more formal occasion.

5. How should I care for my suit?

Regularly dry clean your suit to keep it looking its best. You can also steam or press your suit at home to remove wrinkles.


So, have you made your choice of brand yet? If not, this is not the time to rethink because we have done that on your behalf. No matter what celebrity inspires you – these brands have made it to the wardrobes of all of these Hollywood stars and big personalities. 

Good luck! 


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