Best Ways to Keep Yourself Mentally Healthy

mental health

According to the statistics from The National Institute of Mental Health, every sixth person experiences mental health problems in one form or another. That could be your colleagues, friends, family members, or even yourself. People sometimes forget about the most important things in pursuit of a career, an ideal body, and an excellent reputation. 

Taking care of your mental health is just as important as eating fruits and exercising. Even though people think it is necessary to visit a psychologist and pour out their souls, everything is much simpler. Listen to yourself more often and pay attention to the following tips.

Choose the Things that Make You Happy

Your overall condition will improve if you experience more pleasant, simple moments. So, don’t forget to relax and take time for enjoyable little things. It doesn’t matter what you like – hiking, knitting, or spinning the reel at a casino online. The list of “happiness reasons” is pretty individual, but don’t forget to implement this rule into your life and spend some time resting without any worries.

Stay Alone for Some Time


No, this advice is not only for introverts. It’s already proven that spending around 20 minutes a day alone will make you feel better. This option is especially relevant for those who keep communicating a lot in the office or have a big noisy family. It’s critical to take some time to stay in silence without any negative thoughts and just relax.

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Reduce the Number of Stimulants

When reading this point, some immediately think about antidepressants and other serious medications and believe this is definitely not about them. However, stimulants usually include simple things we use daily – caffeine, alcohol, and fast food. Many people cannot avoid them in their lives, and it’s fine to drink a cup of aromatic cappuccino or eat a cheeseburger. The main rule is not to abuse these products. In addition to a better mental state, you will notice improvements in your body shape, which is also a way to increase your mood.

Try Something New

It’s not obligatory to start learning a new language or a completely new subject. It is enough to do small “shakes” to the brain, stimulating its activity. Small portions of new knowledge are a great way to prevent dementia and keep yourself healthier. Moreover, some new information is so exciting! Search for a new recipe and try to repeat it or read some lifehacks for better work-life balance. Simple and useful!

Let Yourself Feel

Controlling and suppressing emotions is a common mistake of many people. Our mentality often prohibits expressing what we feel, and many prefer just leaving everything inside, which definitely harms health. Let yourself cry if you are sad or smile or scream for joy when something good happens.

Get an Opportunity to Speak Up

Holding all emotions inside is hard, especially if you have something that bothers you. Unspoken feelings cause destructive changes to our psychics, so finding a person you trust and sharing everything with them is critical. Accumulating negativity is not the best choice, so make sure to speak out safely and feel much better.

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Touch Others and Hug Them

It doesn’t mean you should hug passers-by or unknown people in the office. Remember that tactile contacts are essential, and touching your close people reduces anxiety and negative emotions. Depending on the person, 5-10 hugs a day are pretty enough to stimulate the production of oxytocin, improve heart function, and provide a good mood for a long time.



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