Betty White Turns 98 and still young

Betty White Turns 98 and still young
Betty White Turns 98 and still young

American star actress Betty White is an all-rounder and comedian who has the record of being on television for the longest period of time. She is an entertainer at the age of 98. She received the award for the achievements she did throughout her life at the 42nd Emmy awards program.

Betty White is known as the first lady of the television industry. She has a documentary that is made based on her life. Betty turned 98 on the 17th of January 2020 and is still so young and joyful. She is the golden girl of America.

She also won Grammy. She stated once that the term retirement does not exist in her dictionary when asked about working at the age of 90.

Betty White Turns 98 and still young
Betty White Turns 98 and still young

Another thing that makes Betty White very special is that her love for animals. She only wants good health and welfare for the animals. She is a member of a team with the welfare of the animals for more than fifty years.

She is also very enthusiastic about her career. She got parts in famous movies and still is loved by the audience of her films. She feels blessed about the roles she gets in the movies. She worked in SNL too; one of the most-watched comedies shows ever.

She is a bold woman even at this age and this bold personality of her makes her loved by everyone. She has experience working at the television that was used to be live and she used to perform in front of the audiences.

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She never had a regret about the performances or the role she did. She always believes in the mantra that life should go on. Her achievements, strength, power, and passion make her young at the age of 98 also. Betty White was, is, and always will be the favorite of America.


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