Beyoncé Drops The Mic When She Was Asked About “Fluctuating Weight”- Here’s why?


According to the huge number of Beyonce fans who are called the Beyhive, Beyonce is a goddess without any flaw who deserves worshipping to every bit of her body. But, who is safe in the digital world? Netizens have become synonymous with trolls and intolerance who don’t even leave Beyonce. But, being the queen that she is, Beyonce knows the perfect mic drop replies for her haters. 

In a recent interview when Beyonce was seen taking questions from her fans for Elle, she was asked about her feelings on her fluctuating weight. Though it is a normal thing for everyone, she was asked how does she feel when people and her fans comment on her changing body and appearance.

Beyoncé  Drops The Mic When She Was Asked About "Fluctuating Weight"- Here's why?
Beyoncé Drops The Mic When She Was Asked About “Fluctuating Weight”- Here’s why?

Beyonce to this had the coolest response possible for her fans and said she gives zero fu**s. Not giving a damn is liberating and she is enjoying just that. Beyonce confessed, bearing children and becoming a mother led to the maturity that she proudly boasts of now. Bey also explained, that if someone would have asked her the same question 15 years back or told that her body would undergo so many fluctuations indicating change also that she would feel the best with her curves, she wouldn’t have believed then.

But, with children and maturity, she was able to value herself beyond her appearance. Now she believes that she’s more than enough for her life whatever the stage of life she is at. Bey gave an ultimate mic drop reply winning all hearts, as usual, saying that real beauty cannot be seen through naked eyes. She wished that more people today focus on finding real inner beauty instead of putting negative comments and critiquing appearances and bodies of other people.

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