Beyond Two Weeks: How to Travel for Longer


If you’ve ever traveled abroad, you might have been amazed if you met some people from other countries, all of whom probably seemed to have more vacation time than you. Vacation time in many other countries is a minimum of five or six weeks, and it is also not uncommon for people in other countries to take a few months off from their regular life to travel for a longer period of time. You were probably envious but assumed this was impossible in your own situation. However, keep reading for ways that you can plan and enjoy your travel for longer period.

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Your two biggest obstacles are probably work and money. For the first one, you essentially have two choices: figure out a way to get more time off or simply quit. Don’t assume that the latter is your only option. Talk to your supervisor or human resources department, and see if it is possible for you to take an unpaid leave of absence. Of course, quitting is also an option, and how feasible this is will vary based on the industry you work in, how much you have in savings and how easy it will be to find another job later. A third option is to work remotely while on the road, but be aware that this will change the nature of your travels.


This is the other big obstacle. You need the available funds to pay for your trip as well as money to reestablish yourself when you come back, and you might need to pay expenses back home as well. For example, you may want to keep your apartment, and that could mean paying rent. It might be worth finding out if subletting is an option. Picking up some gig work is one way to make some extra money. 

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A personal loan is another great way to pay for your next adventure, especially if you are considering using a credit card instead. A loan will almost certainly have lower interest rates than your credit card would, and it can provide you with the cushion that you need to travel with peace of mind. The option of working remotely can keep you earning a steady paycheck as you travel, but you will need to go at a much slower pace and make sure that you stay at places where you have the ability to work.


This is the fun part; where in the world do you want to go and for how long? You don’t have to leave the country to take an extended trip. Road tripping or long-distance hiking can introduce you to parts of America you might never have visited otherwise. On the other hand, you might opt for a classic journey, such as two months taking trains around Europe. Another option might be to take a course, such as learning Spanish in Mexico. There are plenty of websites that can connect you with locals throughout the world if this is an important aspect of travel to you. Whatever you’re planning, pack light. You don’t need several weeks’ worth of clothes. You can do laundry on the road as easily as you can at home.


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