Biggest Questions Surrounding The UFC In 2022

The UFC In 2022

With UFC being the leading mixed martial arts promotion in the world, it goes without saying, there is always a lot going on. There is usually so much happening at one single time that it is nearly impossible to track it all. Whether you are a gambler, hardcore fan, or just a spectator, one always needs to be ahead of the latest news. The UFC In 2022-

If there is one sport that is unpredictable it is the combat industry. Hopes and dreams can be destroyed in just a mere matter of seconds with last-minute training injuries. Or one can be thrust into the biggest sport light of their careers with a well-placed kick or punch. Whatever the situation, it pays to try to stay up on the latest news. Here are currently some of the biggest questions surrounding the MMA world.

Which Champion Will Fall First- The UFC In 2022?

When it comes to champions, there is always the question of who will fall first. The changing of the title is one of the most exciting aspects of the combat game. Certain passages can sometimes change the game forever. That being said, it seems that spectators have Israel Adesanya picked to drop the gold first. He’s reigned as middleweight king for the past two-plus years with a trio of defenses

Unfortunately, he also has a loss on his record that came in the 205-weight division. Although it was a close decision loss, a loss is always a loss. Adesanya is pitted next to match a man that he’s already crushingly defeated with a knockout, but that’s the beauty of rematches.

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Robert Whittaker certainly isn’t the fighter that he was when he suffered his first defeat at Adesanya’s hands and there is always the question of whether or not you can improve the chin, but many believe the king’s previous injuries and recent defeat will be too much for him to bear.

Who Is The Next Breakout Star?

Whether you are playing สล็อต เว็บตรง ยุโรป or placing sports bets with quality online casinos, you must take advantage of the jackpots and biggest opportunities. Who will be the next breakout star in UFC to offer multi-million-dollar betting opportunities? Many believe that it will be the young Islam Makhachev with his unmatched mat skill.

It is hard to deny the fact that there will never be another Khabib Nurmadomedov, but at the ripe age of 30 and trained and under the guise of the former pound-for-pound king, Islam Makhachev has all the right tools. He just needs to learn to put them together. Similar to his master, Islam has an unmatched gas tank and a five-year win streak that’s starting to garner him a following.

Of course, it does hurt one bit when he is accompanied to the ring and cornered by the former wrestling god.

Will Francis Ngannou Re-Sign With The UFC In 2022 Or Call It Quits?

Known as the industry’s hardest hitter, Ngannou finds himself in an unfortunate place at the start of 2022. It already isn’t in his favor that he’s in the most dangerous division in the sport, but his first task of the New year is a Herculean one. Ciryl Gane has proven that is a tough nut for anyone to crack and has a well-versed toolbelt he can draw on in any situation.

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With being a master technician on the ground and standing, it comes down to a matter of his chin and body can hold up against Ngannou’s punching power. This is the very question that most of Ngannou’s opponents find themselves asking. With the hard-hitting star’s contract coming to a near end, there is the question of whether or not he will re-sign with the UFC.

If he doesn’t re-sign, he will likely retire and that will most likely be because he suffers defeat at the hands of Gane. Even at a close decision loss, the star might consider hanging it up. There is no question that if he wins decisively he’ll be quickly swept up for another contract. Ngannou and his management team have every right to advocate for more satisfying financial returns and this might come into play.

Given the ego of Dana White, it is highly unlikely that he is willing to meet such terms, and this could also play a major factor in the star’s overall decision.


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