Binetrix Review — Is It a Scam or a Trustworthy Broker? Binetrix Review


The Forex industry continues to grow and now has over 10 million active traders and even more investors using various products offered by brokerage service providers. In a domain famous for its intense competition and incredibly strict regulations, retaining a position among industry leaders is a feat deserving respect. Binetrix is an established brand that has a good public image and years of successful business operations.

Many advantages of Binetrix

The broker stands out from the crowd of competitors by offering exceptional service and diverse investment products to its audience. It would be impossible for Binetrix to attract and retain customers from all across the globe without having multiple distinct advantages.

Here are several aspects of service in which Binetrix excels:

  • Great customer support. Employees of the support team are ready to respond to any inquiry from clients within minutes. You won’t have to wait for long until someone starts working on your issue with the service.
  • Various financial products. From providing access to financial markets to a wide array of investment packages for conservative investors, the broker has something for everyone in its impressive lineup of products.
  • Good trading conditions. Day traders are always looking for brokers that provide favorable trading terms. Binetrix has low fees and extends a helping hand to newcomers in form of flexible leverage that you can use to earn more money.
  • In-depth educational materials. You can always find analytical articles, interesting investing tips, and links to webinars in the knowledge hub on the website.
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The trading terminal at Binetrix

Having a powerful terminal is one of the best things that a broker can use as a talking point to convince a professional trader to join the company. Binetrix’s trading terminal is a great instrument for facilitating efficient trading and informed investment decisions. Here are some aspects of this terminal that will grab your interest:

  • Numerous unique technical indicators. Many are familiar with RSI, Stochastic, MACD, moving averages, and other popular tools. Binetrix has other unique instruments that you will find among available indicators.
  • Graphical features. Add overlays, change colors and scales, and apply Fibonacci lines and support/resistance levels to the chart. You make the price chart informative.
  • Advanced features for trading. One-click orders, analysis in real-time, and more features that optimize the way you trade will be very useful for experienced traders who know what to do in any given situation.

Banking options at Binetrix

Having the ability to add funds to your account instantly is a great thing when you approach a margin call. It can be very useful in situations when you receive a promising signal from your indicators but lack funds on your balance to act on it. Binetrix has everything you need to be efficient when trading and never miss out on an opportunity to make money.

  • Use Visa/MasterCard payments to avoid any delays and start trading right after sending money. You will see changes in your balance within minutes after depositing using a debit card.
  • Bank transfers remain the most reliable and safe method of transferring large sums of money. It is also the only destination for withdrawals.
  • Payment systems like Neteller and Skrill may not be available in your country, but if they are, you should check out their promotional events! You may find a way to get a hefty bonus.
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Bonuses from Binetrix

All new accounts receive gifts and bonuses that you should think of as a way to increase your leverage without exposing your capital to excessive risks. You will have a safety net and start trading with a leg up! Note that bonus funds cannot be directly withdrawn and must be “traded through” before you can add them to your cash account.

The verdict

Binetrix is certainly not a scam, but it is also not the most perfect broker out there. Perfection is impossible to achieve in this industry that changes often and staggeringly fast! However, Binetrix is a solid platform with lots of financial instruments and a wide range of investment products!


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