Stocks vs Bitcoin- Contrast between the Two Types of Investment


Certainly, when you want to become richer, you would find many avenues to do so. Among them, best trading app australia is one of the most effective choices you can opt for.

True, investing your money is not the most suitable choice if you want immediate profits. However, if your goal is to expand your wealth for a better future, you can invest your money now and expect high returns years later.

There are different types of financial assets you can invest in, and similarly, several markets as well. Two of the most popular investment products for trading are stocks and Bitcoin. While there are some similarities between the two, the differences are prominent as well.

Before beginning to invest your money, you should have a clearer understanding of the options you have available for you. Thus, if you are curious about Bitcoin and stocks, you can learn about their differences in this article.

What are stocks?

The stock market deals with the transactions of businesses. In other words, when you buy a stock in a company, you are essentially buying a part of that company. Later, you would get privileges like voting rights in their business management decisions, priority over acquiring liquidated company assets (in case it collapses) after the debt collectors collect their portions, among others.

What kind of privilege you would enjoy depends on the type of stocks you buy. Also, you can begin trading stocks as an experienced investor or a complete beginner, with the assistance of a certified broker.

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a type of cryptocurrency. The trading of Bitcoin occurs digitally, and it is not the same as traditional money like bills or coins. Investors can mine or trade Bitcoin using a series of codes, and all your crypto-balance would get saved in the Blockchain. This is a public ledger that holds all of the Bitcoin transaction records.

You can use private and public keys to trade Bitcoin. The former is your personalized code, much like a PIN code. One can authenticate their transactions using this identifier. As for the public key, this is visible to the public.

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Contrast in ownership

Overall, it is comparatively easier for an investor to own Bitcoin than it is for them to own stocks.

Sure, when you purchase a stock, you gain ownership of that share percentage in the company. However, this is mainly in name until you draft the paper-stock record. Until then, even though you purchased a share of the company, you cannot use the stock or keep it with you.

On the other hand, the process of possessing Bitcoin is simpler. For one thing, you can do Bitcoin transactions peer-to-peer (P2P) through decentralised trading platforms. Plus, you can transfer your Bitcoin assets to your private crypto wallets easily as well.

The contrast in legal rights

One of the common differences between stocks and Bitcoin is in regards to ownership, or more specifically, the legal rights of the owners. In the matter of the stocks, those who buy the shares in the company are the legal owners of those stocks.

Thus, all shareholders are legally allowed to enjoy certain privileges, like dividends. This is an amount of profit that the company distributes among its shareholders. When you sell your stock to another investor or they buy it from you, they would get the legal rights.

As for the Bitcoin cryptocurrency, there are no specific legal rights. After all, anyone can buy or sell Bitcoin in the crypto market. Not to mention, they would not get many legal recourse options, either. When one loses their Bitcoin, most of the time they cannot get back their fund.

Contrast in risks

To be fair, most financial markets and transactions come with risk possibilities. In this concern, stock investments are riskier compared to cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

This is because Bitcoin, comparatively, has a younger and smaller market. The basis of the risk lies in the demand and supply of the people; which cryptocurrency do they want to invest in? Not to mention, what the estimated value of a cryptocurrency is at a given period. Thus, the risk here relates to the degree of decline or rise of the Bitcoin price. Since the number of investors who engage in the cryptocurrency market is smaller, the impact of the risk is lesser compared to the stock market.

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In this, the risk depends on when the market collapses, and that can happen for a variety of reasons. Some examples include bankruptcy of companies, the fluctuation in the value of a stock, and more. Plus, the individual stocks are more perilous as well. If you do not properly evaluate the performance of a company and invest in it, you can suffer a loss when their stock prices decrease.

Investors with experience and knowledge of the businesses can earn high returns with individual stocks, and it takes years to develop as well. Someone completely new to stock investing without proper knowledge of the market or a particular company would risk losing more money.

Who should invest in stocks?

In the portfolio of an investor, the stock holds a higher area. Moreover, investors can choose the value of their stocks depending on the profits. Plus, it is more stable since the companies you invest in would likely grow steadily over the years. Thus, your stocks would stay stable for longer as well if you invested correctly.

Therefore, the right people who should invest in stocks are those who have a good knowledge of the stock market and the company. Not to mention, they should have a long-term plan in mind, as a longer period brings higher profit with stocks.

Who should invest in Bitcoin?

As for Bitcoin, an investor looking to add a little bit of diversity in their investment portfolio can opt for Bitcoin investment. You should not focus entirely on it, limiting it to at least 1-5% of your portfolio. This, of course, depends on how much risk you can accept.


Both stocks and Bitcoin are good investment strategies in their own rights. Depending on whether you want quick profit or long term gains, you can benefit from either. However, it is important to learn more about your chosen type before you begin investing.


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