Black-ish brings Girlfriends back for a special reunion episode


One nice thing about being in the depth of a nostalgia craze is receiving the opportunity to earn right with a show that did not get a proper send-off at the moment.

This week’s incident of Black-ish is doing just that with amazing 2000s sequel Girlfriends, both starring Tracee Ellis Ross.

The episode, named “Feminisn’t,” airing Tuesday, examines the differences that seem in black and white communities when it arrives at feminism.

Rainbow (Ross) contributes in a series of activist situations with friend Abby (Nadia Quinn), which is white, and her youngest lad Diane (Marsai Martin) comments that she does not observe as a feminist because of its out-of-touch facets that she pertains to as “hashtag activism.”

Black-ish brings Girlfriends back for a special reunion episode
Black-ish brings Girlfriends back for a special reunion episode

Rainbow agrees to call for “black-up” from some of her university friends to help clarify the importance of “black feminism” to Abby and extra well-intentioned, but misled, white women, as well as to clarify the relevancy of “black feminism” to her lad.

Said pals from college include Ross’ old Girlfriends costars Golden Brooks (who featured Maya), Jill Marie Jones (who played the character of Toni), and Persia White (who played Lynn).

There is even a gorgeously happy shot that pays tribute to Girlfriends’ memorable theme music and opening sequence.

Fans of both concerts are in for a delight, but Girlfriends’ fans will be particularly delighted with the flawlessly executed reunion, especially because the iconic show was early canceled by The CW in 2008 after eight long years without the opportunity to film a proper sequel finale.

(Ross has previously talked about the show, which had an all-black crew, being unjustly dominated by mainstream media at the moment.)

When asked about what motivated the reunion, Ross tells EW, “We have all been having this idea always! How to do it and when to accomplish it? What a good way is to do it? All those sorts of things. We have been through lots of manifestations of conversations.


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