Black Mirror Alum David Ajala To Join Star Trek: Discovery Season 3 As Cleveland Booker


Star Trek: Discovery gets a new crew member in the form of Alum David Ajala known for his performance on Supergirl. Ajala will be playing the role of a new character in the series, Cleveland Booker. Cleveland Booker is going to be that one character who is both charming and yet a little reckless for a love for breaking rules.

Star Trek: Discovery is an American Web Television series that runs on CBS All Access. Based on sci-fi, adventure and drama, the makers Alex Kurtzman and Bryan Fuller launched the first season in 2017 first and since then it has completed 2 successful seasons on CBS All Access by 2019 and in the production again for its third tier.

Recently the San Diego Comic-Con panel announced the casting of David Ajala for the role of ‘Book’, surprising all the fans. David Ajala is known for his stint in Fast and Furious 6, another sci-fi fantasy Jupiter Ascending and Black Mirror apart from his famous Supergirl.

Black Mirror Alum David Ajala To Join Star Trek Discovery Season 3 As Cleveland Booker
Black Mirror Alum David Ajala To Join Star Trek Discovery Season 3 As Cleveland Booker

Though the character lining has been revealed by the SDCC panel but other information about Star Trek: Discovery season 3 has been kept a secret. So, we don’t know yet whether or not Book will be in the allies or the enemy clan and it seems that there are no more secrets to be revealed by the cast and crew of the American Web Series.

The television series that caused record subscription for CBS wrapped up its second season in April 2019 only to start its production for the third season for which fans and followers are already excited, and if we go by its record then the next season can be expected by the end of 2019 meaning we will come to know by this year itself who becomes the captain of the enterprise.


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