Bonuses & Promotions of Maxim88 Singapore


Going all out in an online casino almost feels like playing Russian roulette. Though the stakes are high but are not as high as one’s life but winning despite all the risk is always cheerful.

When talking about online casinos in Singapore how can we not talk about Maxim88? The casino has all the features you would ever want from an online casino.

From being compatible and accessible from almost all major browsers to Providing an easy-to-use user interface to its players, this online casino has gained a reputation unlike any other online casino out there.

While this online casino has something to offer for everyone, the players are mostly pleased by the bonus and promotions that the casino has to offer. The casino is claimed for having the best promotions and bonuses when compared to other casinos.

So what promotions and bonuses exactly do the online casino has to offer the players that interest them so much? Well, we will be listing all of that for you. So without further ado let’s dive into it!

What Are The Bonuses & Promotions Offered By Maxim88

Welcome Bonus

When registering for a new online casino, how can we forget the welcome bonus? This bonus is offered by almost every other online casino, just some bonuses offered might be better than others.

In this case, Maxim88 offers up to 150% to all the new users on every deposit that registers with them. Though the maximum deposit to claim this bonus is SGD 50. So make sure you claim your welcome bonus as you join.

Though one thing to keep in mind is that this promotion can’t be availed by the same person from multiple accounts. In a case of collusion or usage of multiple accounts, all the winning amounts and bonuses will be confiscated.

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Daily Reload Bonus

Let’s be honest here, every online casino wants you to play every day, and to encourage that most offer daily bonuses as well. Maxim88 rewards players with daily bonuses to those who have deposited their money in their Maxim88 account.

The deposit bonus of 30% can be consumed by any provider on any of the slot games as long as the game is played on Maxim88.

Referral Bonus

Referral bonuses are one of the best bonuses one could get. All you have to do is share a link and that’s pretty much what you have to do from your end. Maxim88 also offers players referral bonuses.

Every time a player joins Maxim88 with your referral link. You will be awarded a bonus. The bonus will be a percentage of the first deposits that the person made to who you sent the referral link.

Birthday Bonus

Though friends and family might not give you the gifts you want this online casino is always there for its loyal players. Every member that is registered to this online casino will be awarded a birthday bonus.

Couldn’t make it to Maxim88 on your birthday? No problem, the birthday bonus can be claimed any day during the birth. And if you get lucky enough, you can get up to SGD 1,888 on your birthday!

Though it is recommended to add the right information about yourself when signing up for the online casino to avoid issues while claiming your reward.

Special Referral Bonus For VIP

A unique referral bonus is one the greatest feature out of all the features that make a standard player different from a VIP. This bonus is exclusively for VIPs only and can help one win up to an amount of SGD 2,288 if they can get a player to register to Maxim88.

Cash Rebate

Who doesn’t love a percentage of money being rebated to their account? Well, Maxim88 understands that and also offers up to 1.2% as a daily cash rebate bonus to every member that is registered to the online casino.

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Rescue Bonus That Is Offered Weekly

Losing money can lead to a lot of frustration. It’s gambling that’s the worse that could happen to anyone. Yet this online casino is there for its loyal players. Every week Maxim88 gives a special weekly bonus to all of its players, especially those who had a rough week at the online casino.

These bonuses are given out to players to encourage them to continue and not lose hope. If you are a loyal Maxim88 fan who suffered a minimum loss of more than SGD 100 within a week then you have a high chance of qualifying for the weekly rescue bonus. Though one thing to keep in mind is that this promotion can not be availed with any other promotions.

Evo Unlimited Cash Back Bonus

Why would anyone say no to cashback? Well, Maxim88 is offering up to 5% cashback by playing “Evolution Gaming”. The turnover is on all types of non-live table games including Blackjack, Video Poker, and American Roulette. Though the percentage varies depending on your current tier yet it’s always nice to get some cash back into your wallet.

Evolution Lucky Draw

It’s always great to test your luck. You never know when you’ll get lucky. All you have to do to participate is to transfer a specific amount to evolution gaming to get your lucky draw tickets.

The number of tickets varies and depending on what tier you are in, one can get 15 draw tickets at maximum. The results of the lucky draw are shared on the Maxim88 Facebook page. While the lucky draw takes place every 15th of the month.

Final Words

Maxim88 can offer some promising bonuses. The online casino is always willing to do more and more for their loyal players. Having the right bonuses and promotions can make your day. Though most of the bonuses are paid instantaneously some bonuses require players to contact customer support for you to claim them. 

It is recommended to always have a look at the terms and conditions for every bonus that you claim. While to have more real-time information and to stay updated with the latest bonuses and promotions, it is always good to check Maxim88’s official website.


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