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Brad Aldrich

Many people know who Brad Aldrich is because he is one of the most famous Chicago Blackhawks players. During his childhood, he saw several Shark fights. He now works as the video coordinator for Team USA. Allegations of sexual misconduct against Aldrich have put him in the news recently. He used to work for the Blackhawks as their video coach.

What is going on with Brad Aldrich?

In May 2021, a former Chicago Blackhawks player filed a lawsuit against the team for negligence. In the lawsuit, he said that the team’s management hid the fact that he had accused his former coach Bradley Aldrich of sexual misconduct.

Also, the Hawks were sued again, this time by a former high school hockey player from the state of Michigan with whom Aldrich said he had sexual encounters in 2013 after he had left the National Hockey League.

After Aldrich left the Hawks, there were more sexual allegations made against him.

At the end of October, the Hawks announced that Stan Bowman had quit his jobs as general manager and president of hockey operations. This was due to the results of an independent investigation that the team had done. Kyle Beach was also identified by the former player from the team that played in 2010.

Brad Aldrich How old is he, when and where was his birthday, his parents, and where does he come from? From the start

Brad Aldrich is somewhere around 38 years old right now. As of right now, there has been no official announcement of his birthday or the exact date he was born. Brad is a citizen of the United States of America, and he comes from white people.

He was one of the four people who lived with him. Brad’s family tree contains stories about the US Men’s National Hockey Team. At this point, Brad’s mother’s name hasn’t been made public, but his father, Mike Aldrich, is his biological father. He has a brother who is also a member of his family.

How much money Brad Aldrich has? How much money did he make?

Brad Aldrich’s bank account balance is not yet listed anywhere official. He has been a coach for many different clubs and universities.

The amount he makes each year from his job is being looked at closely. Despite this, he could live a great life with his family and close friends, thanks to his money.

What about Brad Aldrich’s kids, relationship, and any girlfriends or wives he might have?

At this time, we don’t know anything about Brad Aldrich’s past marriages or his life with his wife. Until now, the former video coach hasn’t said anything about whether or not he is married.

He hasn’t said much about his marriage, and he hasn’t mentioned her name in any interviews or on social media sites. In the same way, no one knows Brad’s children’s names or where they came from.

How Brad Aldrich got his job in the real world

Brad Aldrich joined the Blackhawks in the summer of 2008, and the following year, he was chosen to be the video coach for the Stanley Cup. Later, he quit his job and started working for USA Hockey, Miami University, and Houghton High School. He also volunteered for these places.

Brad signed up to play for the Blackhawks when he was only 25. Before joining the Blackhawks, he worked at the University of Notre Dame as the coordinator of hockey operations and the video coach.

Where did he go to high school, and where did he go to college? He goes to college to study what?

We still don’t know much about Brad Aldrich’s education. He hasn’t said anything about his education, like what college or university he attended or what degree he got there. But no one can argue that Brad was not smart and well-educated.

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The following are the sizes of Brad Aldrich’s body parts:

Brad’s height and weight have not been made public yet. Similarly, his full physical description is being looked at right now. Brad’s body shape is average. He also has grey eyes and short, well-kept black hair.

Ethnicity White
Net worth Not sure
Zodiac sign Not sure
Nationality American
Relationship Not sure
Children Not sure
Girlfriend Not sure
Sexual orientation Straight
Hair Black
Weight Not sure
Body type Average
Height Not sure
Eye colour Grey

The Reach of Brad Aldrich on social media

Brad Aldrich doesn’t seem to use any social media sites. Several websites are currently looking through Aldrich’s social media accounts. Because of this, it’s pretty clear he doesn’t have an Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook page right now.

Three more people have accused Brad Aldrich of doing something wrong, and all of them want to sue him.

Except for Kyle Beach, who was the first person to sue Brad Aldrich in court as “John Doe 1.” Now, three more people are suing Brad and giving evidence against him. They are about to sue Brad and the Chicago Blackhawks, so they hired Christopher Cortese as their lawyer.

One of the possible claimants, John Doe 3, has said that Brad abused him sexually in October 2012. He says that Brad told him he was gay while they were talking. Brad was his guide before the attack, but now he needs to stay away from him. John Doe 3 gave up his mental health and sense of peace so he could find comfort in drinking. Because he often failed when he tried to speak up, he could not do so at the time.

Black Ace 1, who might be the second Plaintiff, is in second place. Black says that when they were in high school, Brad sent him sexually explicit pictures of himself that he didn’t ask for. The last Plaintiff, in this case, is Paul Vincent, who used to coach the Blackhawks. Paul is stating the other people who are suing in this case. After he talked to Brad about his strange behaviour and reservations, he said Brad threatened to kill him. Al MacIsaac, the vice president of hockey operations for the organisation at the time, cut his pay in half because he told on Brad.

Where is Brad Aldrich now? He works at a company that does glass etching and gives internships to young adults in college.

After the unfortunate incident that got him fired from the Blackhawks in a dishonourable way, Brad Aldrich went into hibernation. He seems to have started a new part of his life by becoming the CEO of OcuGlass. OcuGlass is a company based in the state of Michigan that does etching. When the company started in 2013, only four people were working there. Over the next five years, that number grew to thirty. In 2022, the company’s strong relationships with educational institutions like universities and colleges have helped it hire more people.

Brad Aldrich wrote a post on the company’s website In March 2019, to thank college and university interns for helping the business grow. In the post, he said that OcuGlass plans to keep hiring college students and working with them in all parts of their business and that they are proud of how the programme has turned out and very thankful for the interns’ work and contributions. He also said that OcuGlass is very grateful for what the interns do and what they bring to the company.

Brad Aldrich is considered a second-tier sexual offender who will likely do it again.

When it was discovered that Brad had hurt a high school hockey player named Kyle Beach, an investigation was started. He was registered as a tier two sexual offender, but his sentence was less than a year. He also got hurt. Because of this, he must check his information every six months. His misdeeds are not being hidden. Details about him are easy to find in the state’s database of sexual offenders, which anyone can look up. Brad can’t go to schools or public parks because he’s on the registry, but he can still talk to other people. But even though the punishments he has to face aren’t very harsh, they won’t stop him from living a normal life.

But being on the list of sexual offenders is very serious for him to be doing. On the other hand, the Michigan agency in charge of law enforcement says that Aldrich can only hire interns who are at least 19 years old. Even so, he still has to deal with opposition from people who are afraid he could easily go back to his old ways. Elizabeth Jeglic, who teaches psychology at John Jay College, said that Brad’s behaviour was “high-risk” and that she didn’t like him being around interns. On the other hand, some people think Brad has changed for the better and is a great person. One of these people is Jared Peryam, who went to Finlandia University and, at one point, worked with Brad.

Brad Aldrich’s time as a coach is over for the rest of his life.

Being a sexual offender is a very serious crime, and it should be treated with all available measures. Brad Aldrich proved to be a very good hockey coach while with Glory. Even better, he was captain of the Blackhawks when they won the Stanley Cup in 2009/2010. Because of the terrible thing he did, it has been decided to remove his name from the Stanley Cup. The law firm Jenner & Block did an investigation that showed Blackhawk was careless when they punished Brad, which led to this decision.

In a press release, the Hall of Fame Chair, Lanny McDonald, the NHL Commissioner, Gary Bettman, and the Deputy Commissioner, Bill Daly, all said that they agreed with the request and would look for the best way to make it happen. The press release also said they would try to find the best way to meet the request.

10 Things You Should Know About Brad Aldrich

  • Everyone knows that Bradley was the coach of the Blackhawks, a team in the National Hockey League. Bradley was accused of something by a former Chicago Blackhawks player who was the team’s head coach in the National Hockey League. The player didn’t give his name.
  • It was said that the Blackhawks’ assistant coach had sexually harassed him and other players on the team. In July 2008, the Chicago Blackhawks hired Bradley Aldrich as the team’s video coach.
  • Aldridge worked at Notre Dame and got a degree in hockey operations coordination and video coaching, which is what his credentials say. He also went to Northern Michigan University, where he studied hockey and got a degree.
  • Both Aldridge’s old LinkedIn page and the resume that was in the personnel file show that he left the Blackhawks in July 2010.
  • In May 2010, it was said that he had been sexually harassing women.
  • Bradley does not have a profile on the Wikipedia page about him.
  • A lawsuit filed in May of 2021 named the Plaintiff a person who used to play for the Blackhawks under the name “John Doe.”
  • John says that Bradley treated him badly in May 2010. He says that Bradley sent him inappropriate text messages, turned on p*rn, and masturbated in front of John. Besides that, he sexually attacked the player and threatened to have sexual relations with him.


Brad Aldrich is about 38 years old at the moment. But neither his date of birth nor any other details about it is known. He already had 25 years of experience when the Blackhawks decided to hire him. Aldrich was a video coach at the University of Notre Dame before he joined the Blackhawks. He had also worked in the past as a coordinator of hockey operations. Aldrich also had a job in the hockey business.


Q: Who is Brad Aldrich?

A: Brad Aldrich is an American former professional ice hockey defenseman. He played 13 seasons in the National Hockey League (NHL) for the Minnesota Wild, Chicago Blackhawks, and Carolina Hurricanes.

Q: When and where was Brad Aldrich born?

A: Brad Aldrich was born on March 15, 1980, in Bismarck, North Dakota.

Q: What is Brad Aldrich’s most notable achievement in hockey?

A: Brad Aldrich was a member of the 2003 Stanley Cup-winning Chicago Blackhawks.

Q: What happened to Brad Aldrich’s hockey career after the 2012-13 season?

A: Brad Aldrich retired from professional hockey in 2013 after being accused of sexual assault by a former Blackhawks teammate.

Q: What were the allegations against Brad Aldrich?

A: Brad Aldrich was accused of sexually assaulting a former Blackhawks teammate in 2013. The allegations were never proven in court, but Aldrich was suspended from the NHL for the 2013-14 season.


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